The Hindu Important Articles – 11 Feb, 2017



Ansari warns of public despair fuelled by inequality {Rights Issues}

Check on use of chemicals in fish stock {Ecology}


No toilet, no marriage in Haryana’s Nuh {Public Policy}

Govt. sets up inter-departmental task force to crack down on benami firms {Indian Economy}

‘U.S. wants Indian soldiers in Afghanistan’ {International Relations}


China buoyant after Trump’s U-turn {International Relations}

‘Talks to decide U.S. n-pact’s future’ {International Relations}


Reluctant mothers {Role of women}

Looking beyond our own species {Social Justice}

Israel’s continuing land grab {International Politics}

As unpredictable as it gets {Indian Politics}


April-Jan. direct tax revenue up 10.8% {Inclusive growth}

Senior IAS officer Ajay Tyagi named SEBI chairman {Indian Economy}

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