1.    The display of the country’s defence prowess at the Defence Expo being held at the ongoing 21st National Youth Festival-2017 in Rohtak is drawing large crowds.

2.    The exhibit of the Indian Navy showcasing missile destroyers is the centre of attraction, with display on the Delhi-class destroyer commissioned by the Indian Navy in 1997 garnering special interest.

3.    Giving details about the display, Commander Abhimanyu Arya and Lieutenant Vaibhav Vishal said that the Delhi-class destroyer is the first indigenous guided missile destroyer of the country.

4.    It has a length of 163 metres and weighs 6,200 tonnes. Apart from advanced weaponry and RADAR, the destroyer also features a helipad. The showcase also features later models of destroyers with stealth capabilities.

5.    More than 6,000 artistes and artisans from across the country are showcasing their talent in performing and fine arts and other creative disciplines at the 21st National Youth Festival-2017 being.

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