Australia and India: partners in regional security and prosperity

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Australia–India relations are the foreign relations between the Commonwealth of Australia and the Republic of India.

Before independence, Australia and India were both part of the British Empire.

They also share political, economic, security, lingual and sporting ties. As a result of British colonisation, cricket has emerged as a strong cultural connection between the two nations, as well as the English language.

Australia and India have systems of government where leaders are accountable and the rights of citizens are respected.

Current Status

India is Australia’s ninth largest trading partner.

2% of Total Australia Population are Indians

Military cooperation between Australia and India is the regular joint naval exercise AUSINDEX.

Every two year, Australia and India also conduct a joint naval exercise in the Indian Ocean, called AUSINDEXImage result for AUSINDEX

Australia’s Minister Visit for Foreign Affairs

  • She will restate our shared commitment to ensuring the Indo-Pacific region  remains peaceful and increasingly prosperous.
  • Will provide the mechanisms to resolve any disputes peacefully of Indo-Pacific states.

Open Economies

  • Australia and other countries in the region have opened our economies to one another, and have integrated trade.
  • Production and investment in a dynamic regional economy, to the benefit of all.

A new phase of investment

Australia supports the GST reform in India and is ready to invest

  • The Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank “ which Australia and India joined as founding members “ has a role to play in funding infrastructure.
  • Japan makes a significant contribution to investment

Why these contributions are done

  • To enhance connectivity, in land, air, sea and cyber.
  • The more connected our region, the more business opportunities there will be for the private sector.

Possibilities in Future

  • As global and economic power shifts from North America and Europe back to Asia, it is important that Australia develop a comprehensive partnership with India that broadens, deepens and diversifies all areas of our engagement.
  • The economic re-emergence of the Indian Ocean /Asia Pacific region has the potential to transform Australia’s immediate neighbourhood into the centre of international power politics.
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