Bengaluru Ranked Most Dynamic City in the World in WEF Report

1.In the roller-coaster that life is, India’s IT capital Bengaluru zoomed from being ‘unsafe’ to being ‘the most dynamic city in the world’ in the first three weeks of this year.

2.And in doing so, Bengaluru has beaten the original Silicon Valley, not to mention China’s Shanghai and even Boston.

3.Closely competing in the world’s top ten dynamic cities is Hyderabad, at spot 5:

4.The decade-old rivalry between the two IT capitals in the country seems to have revived all over again. And while Delhi figures in the top 30 cities, smog seems to have bogged down the city’s reputation.

5.The rankings are based on parameters such as population, technology and R&D, connectivity, output and corporate activity, education, and real estate investment.

6.These are rankings released by real estate consultancy firm James Lang Laselle at the World Economic Forum in Davos and as the firm rightly says, “They are not what you’d expect.”

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