Bihar forms world’s largest human chain against alcoholism and liquor

  1. Bihar CM Nitish Kumar joined hands with RJD supremo Lalu Prasad and state Legislative Assembly Speaker Vijay Kumar Chaudhary to begin the chain of people to express unity in support of prohibition.


  1. The 45-minute-long human chain started at 12:15 PM at the historic Gandhi Maidan when Chief Minister Nitish Kumar floated colourful balloons, and ended at 1 PM.


  1. A picture of liquor bottle with a cross sign was drawn in the middle of this map to give the message against alcohol.


  1. Bihar was written in dark black colour in the middle of the map so that a clear picture of the event is captured through ISRO sattelite, drones and helicopters.


  1. The human chain is estimated to cover a distance of 11,292 km involving two crore citizens.


  1. The Bihar human chain is tipped to be the world’s largest so far. The previous record is of 1050 km long human chain which was formed in Bangladesh in 2004.


  1. Bihar is witnessing complete ban on alcohol, domestic as well Indian Made Foreign Liquor (IMFL) since April 2016.
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