Current Affairs MCQ's -7th January

⏳ Current Affairs MCQ – 07 January, 2017

1. Name the country with which India in first week of January 2017 signed protocol to amend Double Taxation Avoidance Convention.
a)    Kazakhstan ✅
b)    Iran
c)    Israel
d)    Mexico

2. Who in the recent past observed that certain linkage between food & drugs in treating diseases?

a)    Norman Borlaug
b)    CNR Rao
c)    Raghunath Anant Mashelkar
d)    MS Swaminathan ✅

3. Name the country that in recent past launched its second Tongxin Jishu Shiyan satellite.

a)    Germany
b)    China ✅
c)    Japan
d)    None of the above

4. The 14th edition of Pravasi Bharatiya Divas was inaugurated in

a)    Hyderabad
b)    Bengaluru ✅
c)    New Delhi
d)    Mumbai

5. This city hosted the International Conference on Yoga for Diabetes.

a)    Hyderabad
b)    New Delhi ✅
c)    Kolkata
d)    Haridwar

6. The helpline number 14444 launched by the Government to promote

a)    Online education
b)    Handloom sector
c)    Digital Payments ✅
d)    Renewable energy

7. Which organisation released the statistical estimates on Migrants Workers Report?

a)    International Labour Organisation ✅
b)    World Bank Group
c)    World Economic Forum
d)    International Monetary Fund

8. As per a directive of the Union Government, NRIs can deposit old Rs 500 and Rs 1000 banknotes till

a)    30 June 2017 ✅
b)    31 July 2017
c)    31 August 2017
d)    30 September 2017

9. Asia’s biggest book fair was inaugurated in

a)    Mumbai
b)    Kolkata
c)    New Delhi ✅
d)    Hyderabad

10. As per the advance estimates released by the CSO, the GDP in 2016-17 is set to grow at

a)    7.1% ✅
b)    7.2%
c)    7.3%
d)    7.4%

11. The RBI agreed to provide Rs 100 crore in Rs 100 notes to this country.

a)    Nepal ✅
b)    Bhutan
c)    Bangladesh
d)    Sri Lanka

12. Hindustan Zinc Ltd recently got environmental clearance for Zawar Mines expansion project. The mines is located in

a)    Jharkhand
b)    Madhya Pradesh
c)    Rajasthan ✅
d)    Uttar Pradesh

13. Union Government approved 26% strategic stake sale in this public sector undertaking.

a)    Oil and Natural Gas Corporation
b)    Bharat Earth Movers Limited ✅
c)    Container Corporation of India
d)    Bharat Petroleum Corporation Limited

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