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Date:- 14th Feb 2018


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  • Area sown to Wheat has declined 4.27% to 30.42 million hectare in the current Rabi season of 2017-18. Farmers had sown Wheat in 31.78 million hectare in the 2016-17 crop year
  • This may lead to fall in production from last year’s record 98.38 million tonne.
  • Official data shows acreage has fallen because of less area coverage in Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan, Haryana, West Bengal, Maharashtra and Uttarakhand. Madhya Pradesh has shown maximum drop in wheat acreage by 1.1 million.
  • Taking into account an average yield of 3.1 tonne wheat per hectare, total production would be in the range of 94-96 million tonne
  • The agriculture ministry has kept a target of 97.50 million tonnes wheat output in 2017-18 crop year and is hoping better production at an all-time high of over 100 million tonne. The government is yet to come out with its estimate on Wheat output of 2017-18


Wheat is second most important crop in India after rice both in terms of area and production.

It is the staple crop for Most of the Northern Indian Population

Productivity of wheat in India is below par and such decline in total acreage without increase in productivity won’t serve the food security of the country especially with the current high rate of population growth.


The is the 88Th Mahamastakabhisheka festival is being celebrated in Shravanabelgola

It is a ritual celebrated once in 12 years Commemorating Lord Bahubali in Shravanabelagola, Karnataka by the Jain community.

The main ritual is Mahamastakabhisheka’, anointment (bathing the statue with oil) of the 57 ft.-high, Gommateshwara statue of Lord Bahubali.

About Bahubali

King Bahubali a much revered figure among Jains. He is the son of First Jain Tirthankara Rishabhadeva.

Bahubali abandoned his clothes and kingdom to become a Digambara monk and began meditating with great resolve to attain omniscience He is said to have meditated motionless for one year in a standing posture

Bahubali is also called Gommateshwara because of the Gommateshwara statue dedicated to him. . The statue was built by the Ganga dynasty minister and commander Chavundaraya and was installed in 981


NTPC, India’s biggest electricity producer, has won a tender to supply 300 megawatts (MW) of electricity to Bangladesh for 15 years

Earlier Bangladesh Power Development Board (BPDB) had invited tenders from India to supply power to its energy hungry economy.

NVVN, wholly-owned subsidiary of NTPC Limited, emerged as successful bidder (L1), both in short term and long term for 300 MW power

India is already exporting about 600 MW to Bangladesh, and this move will help to further India’s good relations with the country, keeping in mind the recent chines endeavors in the region

About NTPC

NTPC limited is a Central PSU operating under the Ministry of Power. It is India’s largest energy conglomerate and accounts for about 25% of electricity generated in the country

IT was established in 1970s and central government holds about 70% of shares of the country

NTPC holds the Maharatna status among CPSUs


A new initiative to connect Kashmiri Pandits and Muslims was started by the Kashmeree community recently in the Valley. On the occasion of Herath (Shivratri) on Tuesday, greeting cards were sent out, as part of the initiative. Specially designed Herath e-cards were issued on the occasion, highlighting the past fraternity between the two communities.

People associated with ‘Raabta Kashmir’ the initiative said that their mission is to “help search and reconnect old friends, neighbors, school mates, colleagues, families from Kashmir who haven’t heard from each other in the last 28 years”


Kashmir was famous for the communal harmony between the Hindu community and the Muslim community of the valley.

But following communal riots and tension were forced to flee the Kashmir valley during the 1990s. The exodus is estimated to be of more than one lakh Kashmeree Hindus and only 4,000–5,000 remain there.


Community based approach like these out of realization of shared culture and brotherhood of various groups’ especially religious groups is most welcome and can only strengthen the Indian democracy in true sense

It’s time that such measures be copied elsewhere in the country that the more and more sectarian politics we are witnessing today


The central and state IT minsters conclave held in New Delhi concluded that Phishing, ransomware main reasons for security breaches and so the major security threat to the cyber security of the country.

As many as 1.5 lakh online transactions get compromised on a daily basis in India


Phishing is a form of fraud in which an attacker masquerades as a reputable entity some communication channels like email. The attacker then distributes malicious links or files that can perform a variety of functions, including the extraction of login credentials or account information from victims


Ransomware is a subset of malware in which the data on a victim’s computer is locked, typically by encryption, and payment is demanded before the ransomed data is decrypted and access returned to the victim. Simply put it’s the cyber version of Kidnapping

Discussion on cyber security and build up of critical cyber security infrastructure  is becoming increasingly important in the backdrop of increased digital footprint in the country


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