Centre to finalise regulations enabling universities for online degree in non-tech courses

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The Centre would soon finalise regulations enabling universities with high National Assessment and Accreditation Council (NAAC) scores to offer degree, certificate and diploma courses for non-technical subjects in online mode.

It is part of the government’s attempt to achieve its Gross Enrolment Ratio (GER) target of 30 per cent by 2022


  • Only institutions with a NAAC grade of A plus and A plus plus – meaning, a NAAC score of 3.26 or above on a scale of 4 – would be permitted to start these courses, which would essentially be open and distance learning in online mode.
  • The UGC will approve their course structure. There will be online lectures, tutorials and also a weekly online discussion forum where professors will answer queries of the enrolled candidates.
  • There will be an online examination in six months or one year. They will be granted certificates if they pass.
  • This would open an additional choice for people who want to earn degrees, certificates or diplomas, but cannot enrol for regular courses.

Gross Enrolment Ratio

Gross Enrolment Ratio determine the number of students enrolled in school at several different grade levels. The data is defined as the percentage of student enrolment in primary and secondary school on gender basis.

GER in higher education

Gross Enrolment Ratio (GER) in Higher education in India is calculated for 18-23 years of age group. Total enrolment in higher education, regardless of age, expressed as a percentage to the eligible official population (18-23 years) in a given school year. The GER is widely used to show the general level of participation in and capacity of higher education. Data includes details on gender wise gross enrolment ratio in higher education for all categories, SC and ST.

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