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The world’s first track-less train has just been unveiled in Zhouzhou, in the Hunan province of China.


  • The electric train, called Autonomous Rail Transit (ART), runs purely on electricity on virtual tracks.
  • The train just a little over 100 feet long and can carry a load of about 300 passengers.
  • There are no physical tracks a new technology developed by Chinese railcar-makers CRRC comes with various built-in sensors that can identify obstacles like pavements or dividers and clear a path through them.
  • Since it runs on electricity, this revolutionary mode of public transport is non-polluting and can travel for 25 kilometres after just 10 minutes of charging. The train goes up to a speed of 70 kilometres per hour  and definitely eases the strain on public transport and heavy traffic in smaller cities that can’t host a proper railway system.
  • The train will be rolled out for public use in 2018. It will be launched in the Chinese city of Zhuzhou in a bid to help to deal with traffic in the area. The new train is expected to have a lifespan of around 25 years. The cost of the new train is only a fifth of the price of a traditional subway system.