Current Affairs Only Daily MCQ’s – 28th April 2017

Q.1- NASA’s Cassini Spacecraft is orbiting around which palnet?

a is correct answer

Q.2- What is the theme of the 2017 World Press Freedom Day that will be celebrated by the UNESCO in Jakarta, Indonesia?

correct answer. (d)

Q.3- Consider the following statement with: Neem coating of urea leads to more gradual release of urea, helping plants gain more nutrient and resulting in higher yields. Neen coated urea lowers underground water contamination due to leaching of urea. Choose the correct statement.

correct answer is (b)

Q.4- Which of the following shorts films has been selected by UNESCO to screen as a part of the World Press Freedom Day celebrations in Indonesia?

Correct answer is (c).

Q.5- Which one of the following countries does not border Caspian sea?

Correct answer is (a).

Q.6- Name the country whose lawmakers had approved package of security measures, partially ban burqa.

Correct answer is (b).

Q.7- One of the latest amendments proposed to the GST Bill is that “the GST Council shall establish a mechanism to adjudicate any disputes”. The GST Council will consist of

Correct answer is (d).

Q.8- The Indian cultural centre located in which country recently organised a seminar to strengthen the bilateral relations between the two nations?

Correct answer is (b).

Q.9- Certain medications are marked by a red line on their packaging. What is this supposed to convey?

Correct answer is (c).

Q.10- Uma Bharti has launched a new water conservation scheme for which region in India?

Correct answer is (d).


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