Current Affairs MCQ’s -17th January

⏳ Current Affairs MCQ – 17th January, 2017

Q.1– Which of the following statements is/are correct regarding National Innovation Foundation-India (NIF)?

I. NIF is an autonomous body of the Department of Science and Technology under the Central Government
II. NIF is an initiative to strengthen the highly advanced scientific research in India’s premier scientific institutions in collaboration with highly advanced foreign scientific institutions.

a) 1 only ✅
b) 2 only
c) Both 1 and 2
d) Neither 1 nor 2

Q.2– NATO was found back in

a) 4 April, 1949. ✅
b) 4 April, 1959.
c) 5 May, 1949.
d) 12 April, 1949.

Q.3– World Economic Outlook report is published by which of the following institutions?

a) WTO
b)World Bank

c) IMF ✅
d) World Economic Forum

Q.4– The Border Security Forces recently launched Operation Sard Hawa at

a) Northern international border of Jammu & Kashmir

b) Wagah Border

c) Line of Control in Jammu & Kashmir

d) Western international border of Rajasthan ✅

Q.5– India and World Bank recently signed a Financing Agreement to improve the quality of health care services in which of the following states?

a) Madhya Pradesh

b) Sikkim

c) Nagaland ✅

d) Jharkhand

Q.6– Who won the 15th edition of the Delhi International Chess tournament?

a) Farrukh Amonatov ✅

b) Diptayan Ghosh

c) Dzhumaev Marat

d) Magnus Carlsen

Q.7– The GST Council decided to rollout the Goods and Services Tax on

a) 1 July 2017 ✅

b) 1 August 2017

c) 1 September 2017

d) 1 October 2017

Q.8– RBI has revised the limit for cash withdrawal limit from ATMs. The limit on withdrawal from current accounts was raised to

a) Rs 25000

b) Rs 50000

c) Rs 75000

d) Rs 10000 ✅

Q.9– SEBI tightened the norms for merger and amalgamation of an unlisted company with a listed entity in January 2017. Consider the statements in regard to the norms of merger.

I. The unlisted company will have to disclose all the material information in form of an abridged prospectus, similar to what companies file before launching initial public offering (IPO).

II. Post merger, the holdings of public shareholding should not be less than 25 %.

III. e-voting will be mandatory in cases in cases where the stake of public shareholders reduces by more than 5 % in the merged entity.

Which is/are correct?

a) Only III

b) Only I and II

c) Only I and III

d) I, II and III ✅

Q.10– Consider the following statements related to World Economic Outlook Update 2016.

I. It was released by the International Monetary Fund.

II. The update slashed India’s GDP growth forecast to 6.6%.

Which of these statements is/are true?

a) Only I

b) Only II

c) Both I and II ✅

d) Neither I nor II

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