Current Affairs MCQ’s -18th January

⏳ Current Affairs MCQ – 18th January, 2017

Q.1- Name the Indian professor who pioneered the work on black holes and died recently.

a) CK Venkata Ramayya
b) CV Vishveshwara
c) Surjit Singh Barnala
d) Rajiv Palkhivala
Q.2- Scientists from Japan recently discovered which element as the ‘missing element’ in Earth’s Core?a) Iron
b) Zinc
c) Silicon
d) Nickel
Q.3- Name the body that was mandated by the Supreme Court to enforce the Graded Response Action Plan (GRAP) in Delhi-NCR.a) Environment Pollution Control Authority
b) Environment Pollution (Prevention and Control) Authority
c) Pollution control authority
d) None of the aboveQ.4- Who was elected as the new President of the European Parliament in January 2017?a) Sigmar Gabriel
b) Antonio Tajani
c) Gianni Pitella
d) Martin Schulz

Q.5- A country that scrapped circulation of the most-used 100-bolivar note had issued new banknotes in January 2017. Name it.a) Venezuela
b) Ukraine
c) Bolivia
d) Germany

Q.6- This many number of countries expressed interest in joining the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank.

a) 10 countries
b) 20 countries
c) 30 countries
d) 40 countries

Q.7- The Global Talent Competitiveness Index report was released by

a) Oxfam
c) World Bank Group
d) International Monetary Fund

Q.8- Inclusive Growth and Development Report 2017 was released by

a) World Economic Forum
b) New Development Bank
c) Asian Development Bank
d) Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development

Q.9- What was India’s rank in the Inclusive Development Index 2017?

a) 57
b) 58
c) 59
d) 60
Q.10- The world’s biggest cricket stadium will come up in which state?

a) Delhi
b) Punjab
c) Gujarat
d) Maharashtra

Q.11- Pinakin mobile app was launched by which state tourism department to boost tourism?

a) Karnataka
b) Tamil Nadu
c) Andhra Pradesh
d) Kerala

Q.12- Name the astronaut who was the last man to walk on Moon and died recently.

a) Eugene Cernan
b) Harrison Schmitt
c) John Young
d) David Scott

ANSWERS: 1. B | 2. C | 3. B | 4. B | 5. A  6. C | 7. B | 8. A | 9. D | 10. C | 11. B | 12. A
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