Current Affairs MCQ’s -22-23rd January 2017

⏳ Current Affairs Quiz: 22-23 January 2017

Q.1- To which of the followings conventions India is not a signatory?

(a) Genocide convention
(b) Convention on Rights of Child
(c) 1951 United Nations Refugee Convention
(d) Ramsar Convention

Q.2: In which of the following cases the Governor cannot issue ordinance without the instructions from the President?

a) A Bill containing the same provisions would under this Constitution have required the previous sanction of the President for the introduction thereof into the Legislature; or
b) He would have deemed it necessary to reserve a Bill containing the same provisions for the consideration of the President; or
c) An Act of the Legislature of the State containing the same provisions would under this Constitution have been invalid unless, having been reserved for the consideration of the President, it had received the assent of the President.

A. a only
B. a and b only
C. b and c only
D. All

Q.3- Sinkholes usually formed in soils characterised by rocks of?

a. Gypsum
b. Dolomite
c. Limestone
d. Granite

A. Only a and b
B. Only c and d
C. a,b,c
D. All

Q.4- Which of the following is/are correct regarding Indus water treaty?

  1. This treaty between India and Pakistan was brokered by United Nations
  2. It was signed by Smt. Indira Gandhi from Indian side
  3. Control of three eastern rivers — the Beas, the Ravi and the Sutlej — was given to India

A. 1, 2 only
B. 2,3 only
C. 1,3 only
D. 3 only

Q.5- Which of the following is not a function of SEBI?

A. regulating the business in stock exchanges and any other securities markets;
B. Registering and regulating the working of venture capital funds and collective investment schemes,including mutual funds;
C. promoting and regulating self-regulatory Organizations
D. All of the above are functions of SEBI

Q.6- Which of the following statements are correct regarding nuclear power in India?

  1. India has 7 nuclear power plants in operation
  2. Kudankulam Nuclear power plant is hosting French reactors

A. 1 only
B. 2 only
C. both
D. None

Q.7- The Delhi International Airport Limited recently won the prestigious Golden Peacock Award for Corporate Social Responsibility in the aviation transport sector for 2016. In this regard, consider the following statements.
I. The award was presented during the 11th International Conference on Corporate Social Responsibility.
II. The Golden Peacock Awards were founded by the Institute of Directors, India, in 1991.
Which is/are correct?

A. Only I
B. Only II
C. Both I and II
D. Neither I nor II

Q.8- The India Innovation Index (III) will be developed by which international organization to
measure innovation performance of Indian states?

A. World Economic Forum
B. International Monetary Fund
C. United Nations
D. Asian Development Bank

Q.9- The country approved building permits for 566 settler homes in annexed east Jerusalem.

A. Oman


C. Israel

D. Palestine

Q.10- Ministry of Railways on January 2017 signed a joint venture agreement with a state for developing railway infrastructure in the State. Name the state with which the agreement was inked.

A. Odisha

B. Bihar

C. Jharkhand

D. Telangana

Answers: 1. C |2. D |3. C |4. D |5. D |6. A |7. C |8. A |9. C |10.C
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