Current Affairs MCQ's -6th January

⏳ Current Affairs MCQ – 06 January, 2017

1. NASA is sending first African-American to space station in 2018. What is his/her name?
a)  Andrew Feustel
b)  Jeanette Epps ✅
c)  Andrew Epps
d)  None of the above
2. Which of the following companies launched the training program, named Digital Unlocked, for Indian small and medium businesses?
a)  Microsoft
b)  IBM
c)  Google ✅
d)  Yahoo
3.  Who of the following is NOT a part of the Panel constituted by Sports Ministry for drafting National Sports Development Code?
a)  Pullela Gopichand ✅
b)  Abhinav Bindra
c)  Prakash Padukone
d)  Anju Bobby George
4.  Researchers have recently discovered a new organ. Where is the organ located?
a)  Digestive system ✅
b)  Endocrine system
c)  Lymphatic system
d)  Respiratory system
5.  Which Indian-American has been appointed in a key White House position by US President-Elect Donald Trump?
a)  Raj Shah ✅
b)  Seema Verma
c)  Nikki Haley
d)  Harmeet K Dhillon
6.  Who of the following was appointed the Chief Financial Officer of Reliance Power?
a)  JN Singh
b)  Sarath Chand
c)  Rajiv Shah
d)  Suresh Nagarajan ✅
The ninth edition of JIFF is set to begin tomorrow. Which city will be playing the host to this film festival?
a)  Jammu
b)  Jaipur ✅
c)  Jodhpur
d)  Jaisalmer
Which country is the latest to express interest in associating itself with India’s smart cities mission?
a)  Russia
b)  China
c)  Japan ✅
d)  Australia
9.  Union Cabinet approved to sign a MoU with this country in the field of agriculture and allied sectors.
a)  Japan
b)  South Korea
c)  Indonesia
d)  Kenya ✅
10.  It is with this multilateral organisation Indian officials discussed issues regarding sharing of waters with Pakistan under the Indus Water Treaty.
a)  World Bank ✅
b)  Asian Development Bank
c)  New Development Bank
d)  Asian Infrastructure and Investment Bank
11.  Consider the following statements related to the H1-B visa.
I. The H1-B visas are issued by the German government to IT professionals.
II. Indian IT companies are much dependent on these visas for smoother offshore operations.

Which of these statements are true?
a)  Only I
b)  Only II ✅
c)  Both (a) and (b)
d)  None of them

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