Current Affairs Only Daily MCQ’s -10th February 2017


Q.1- Which portal was launched by Union Government to ensure transparent award of statutory clearances for mining operations?





Q.2- Recently which of the following country became world’s first country to fully divest public money from fossil fuels?

a) Ireland
b) Switzerland
c) Finland
d) Denmark

Q.3- With respect to notices issued by interpol, which among the following is correct?

a) International notices are the main instruments of international police co-operation.
b) Red corner notice can be issued only against an Indian citizen who has committed an offence which is an “extraditable offence” under the Indian Extradition Act, 1962.
c) Intelligence Bureau is the nodal agency for the coordination with interpol.

a) a, b only
b) b, c only
c) a and c only
d) All

Q.4-  What does the new IIM Bill 2017 offer? 

a) IIMs can set up campuses abroad
b) IIMs will have statutory powers
c) IIMs will grant degrees
d) All of the above

Q.5- Two day 17th international seminar on Counter-IED was held. What is IED?

a. Improvised Explosion Device
b. Important Explosion Device
c. Interim Explosion Device
d. None of the above

Q.6- Headquarters of world trade organisation is situated at which of the following cities?

a) New York
b) Washington
c) Geneva
d) Brussels

Q.7- This regulatory agency decided to set up a Standing Committee on Cyber Security.

a) Directorate General of Civil Avaiation

b) Reserve Bank of India

c) Atomic Energy Regulatory Board

d) Central Electricity Regulatory Commission

Q.8- First full scale nuclear test was conducted at which of the following places?

a) Hiroshima
b) Nagasaki
c) New Mexico
d) Haiti

Q.9- Britain’s House of Commons approved the bill to start exit talks with _____________

a) EU
b) Ireland
c) Wales
d) Scotland

Q.10- Which state is hosting India’s rst National Women’s Parliament 2017?

a) Karnataka

b) Andhra Pradesh

c) Kerala

d) Maharashtra



1. b
2. a
3. a
4. d
5. a
6. c
7. b
8. c
9. a
10. b

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    February 10, 2017 at 10:03 pm

    If you can provide explanations with the answers, it will be more helpful.

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