Current Affairs Only Daily MCQ’s – 13th April 2017


Q.1- In which category, SCOPE Excellence Awards are presented?

a) Excellence and Outstanding Contribution to the Public Sector Management
b) Excellence and Outstanding contribution in the field of Medical Science
c) Excellence and Outstanding contribution in the field of Journalism
d) Excellence and Outstanding Contribution in the field of Computer Science

Q.2- The Governor of Gujarat, O P Kohli on 12 April 2017 gave his nod to the Gujarat Self Financed School (Regulation of Fees) Bill – 2017. 

I. The act proposes the upper limit of annual school fees to be set at Rs 20000, 25000 and 30000 for primary/pre-primary, Secondary and Higher secondary education.
II. The schools which have already taken high fees will have to adjust and equalise the amount accordingly.
III. It also bans the practice of making the purchase of uniforms and books from a particular shop mandatory.
IV. Committees led by retired judges would be set up to take up complaints regarding breach of the law’s provisions.

Which among the above statements is correct?

a) Only I and II
b) I, II and III
c) All of the above
d) II, III and IV 

Q.3- Fiscal Responsibility and Budget Management Act,2003 mandated  which among the following policy statement to be laid before Parliament along  with the budget.

a) Medium term Fiscal Policy
b) The Fiscal Policy Strategy Statement
c) The Macro Economic Frame work indicator
d) All of them above

Q.4- Who among the following heads the panel to review FRBM Act?

]a) C. Rangarajan
b) Abhijeet sen
c) N. K. Singh
d) Raghuram Rajan

Q.5- Recently Lok Sabha passed the Motor Vehicles Amendment bill,  the power to make such laws by Parliament, is under which list of constitution of India.

a) Union List
b) State List
c) Concurrent List
d) None of the Above

Q.6- With reference to Lok Adalats, consider the following statements:

  1. An award made by a Lok Adalat is deemed to be a decree of a civil court and no appeal lies against thereto before any court.
  2. Matrimonial/Family disputes are not covered under Lok Adalat.

Which of the statements given above is/ are correct?

a) 1 only
b) 2 only
c) Both 1 and 2
d) Neither 1 nor 2

Q.7- Which of the following launch vehicles took chandrayaan-1 to its orbit?

a) GSLV-1
b) PSLV-C6
c) PSLV-C11
d) PSLV-C9

Q.8- Section 126 of Representation of the People Act, 1951, prohibits  displaying any election matter by means, inter alia, of television or similar  apparatus, for how long a duration before the hour fixed for conclusion of  poll in a constituency?

a) From the time the Model Code of Conduct comes into force
b) Ten days
c) One week
d) 48 hours

Q.9- Identify the correct statement with reference to Fiscal Deficit.

a) Fiscal Deficit= Total expenditure – Total receipts
b) Fiscal Deficit= Total receipts – Expenditure on revenue account.
c) Fiscal Deficit= Total Expenditure – (Revenue receipts + Non-debt creating capital Receipts)
d) Fiscal Deficit= Total Expenditure – (Revenue receipts + Debt creating capital Receipts)

Q.10- Who of the following was honoured with Young Scientist Award of the National Geoscience Awards 2016?

a) Dr. Pratima Mohan Kessarkar
b) Prof. Javed Husain N. Malik
c) Aradhi Keshava Krishna
d) Dr. Abhishek Saha





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