Current Affairs Only Daily MCQ’s -15th February 2017


Q.1- The World Bank Group to conduct training programmes for NBFCs.What does stands for NBFCs.

a)  Non-Banking Financial Corporation
b) Non Banking Finance Companies
c) Non Bank Financial Corporation
d) Non-Banking Finance Companies
Q.2- Which company has launched an open-ended fixed income fund named Credit Opportunities Fund?

a) HDFC Asset Management
b) AXIS Asset Management
c) IDFC Asset Management
d) ICICI Asset Management

Q.3- Government has allocated an amount of what amount to India Post Payments Bank for the financial year 2017-18 to help it in setting up 650 branches across country by September 2017.

a) Rs 800 crore
b) Rs 200 crore
c) Rs 1,000 crore
d) Rs 500 crore

Q.4- Which of the following leads to increase in SMOG formation?

1. More vehicles on the roads
2. Fast moving wind
3. High temperature

a) 1,2 only
b) 2,3 only
c) 1,3 only
d) None

Q.5- Aero India 2017 happened in which of the following cities?

a) New Delhi
b) Pune
c) Bengaluru
d) Chennai

Q.6- Which of the following country is not part of conference on Afghanistan’s future in Moscow?

a) India
b) China
c) Iran
d) Tajikistan

Q.7- Which Indian-American musician won the best world Music Album award for ‘Sing Me Home’ at the 2017 Grammy Awards?

a) Kanika Kapoor

b) Sandeep Das

c) Shubha Mudgal

d) Anoushka Shankar

Q.8- This State Government issued a notication amending the Contract Labour (Regulation and Abolition) Act 1970.

a) Telangana

b) Punjab

c) Haryana

d) Maharashtra

Q.9- The 1st ever ITTF World Tour event begins in

a) Pune

b) New Delhi

c) Kolkata

d) Ahmedabad

Q.10-  The Consumer Price Index for January 2017 was pegged at

a) 2.17%

b) 3.17%

c) 4.17%

d) 5.17%


1. b
2. c
3. d
4. c
5. c
6. d
7. b
8. d
9. b
10. b

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