Current Affairs Only Daily MCQ’s – 26th April 2017

Q1 - India's longest bridge would e constructed over which of the following river?

Q.2- “MIP Vaccine” – the first of its kind in the world to be developed in India – will be piloted in Bihar and Gujarat as a part of the country’s efforts at eradicating which of the following diseases?

Q.3- The town of ‘Tamu’ in Myanmar is located closest to which Indian state on the India-Myanmar border?

Q.4- Which among the following is/ are correctly matched? 1. South Korea. -CEPA 2. ASEAN. - CECA 3. THAILAND. - PTA

Q.5- Which of the following correctly defines stressed assets?

Q.6- The ___________ may with respect to any State or Union territory, and where it is a State, after consultation with the Governor thereof, by public notification, specify the tribes or tribal communities or parts of or groups within tribes or tribal communities which shall for the purposes of this Constitution be deemed to be Scheduled Tribes in relation to that State or Union territory, as the case may be. Fill in the gap ?

Q.7- Which of the following countries are members of the Indian Ocean Rim Association? 1. Kenya 2. United Arab Emirates 3. China 4. Malaysia Select the correct answer using the code given below:

Q.8- The Central Statistical Organisation, which is responsible for the preparation of national accounts, is an organisation under the aegis of

Q.9- Government of this country has ordered the expulsion of the head of the United Nations Development Program.

Q.10- The founder of Wikipedia, Jimmy Wales is going to launch a new service. What is the service called?

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