Depression among students a huge mental health issue

Depression among students a huge mental health issue

  • Health Information helpline service -Aarogya Vani(104), analysis of call records reveals the following facts:
  • Out of 1, 15,220 callers sought counseling through helpline, nearly.
  • Age group 15 and below – 63.17% calls were related to memory problems, exam fear and exam.
  • Age group 16-24 – 73.09 %( highest percentage)- Seeking counseling for depression owing to career issue.
  • Problems – family, love failure, memory, exam fear and exam failure.

NIMHANS survey related to depression among student(highlights):

  • Depression is more among male students.
  • Highest in the age group of 18 to 22
  • Highest among those in urban areas (1.7%) than compared to rural areas (1%)
  • One-third of the students with severe depression are likely to have suicidal ideations.

Key highlights

  • Depression among the students is being increasingly recognized as a major health issue.
  • The burden of depression is found to be on the rise over the years due to greater recognition, awareness and media influence.

Reasons for increase in depression:

  • High expectations of parents
  • Educational and exam related stress and anxiety.
  • Peer group pressure and stress to perform well.
  • Growing Nuclear families with lack of support.
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