Expanding horizons {International Relation}


This article discusses about strengthening of relationship between India and west Asian countries

Why in news?

Mr. Modi’s Palestine visit — and the first visit by an Indian Prime Minister — coming just weeks after Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s high profile visit to India.

Focus of India

• India’s robust engagements with the Arab Gulf states are a part of this dynamic, with Mr. Modi visiting the United Arab Emirates (UAE) for the second time in the last three years. Trade and economic ties are becoming central to the India-UAE relationship.
• There was also an MoU aimed at institutionalising the collaborative administration of contractual employment of Indian workers.
• In their joint statement, the two countries “reiterated their condemnation for efforts, including by states, to use religion to justify, support and sponsor terrorism against other countries, or to use terrorism as instrument of state policy.”
• There is also growing convergence between the two countries on tackling terrorism.

Containing China

• China’s expanding footprint in the Indian Ocean Region has alerted India to the possibility of strengthening security ties with littoral states.
• India is likely to step up its military presence in Oman. Naval cooperation has already been gaining momentum with Muscat giving berthing rights to Indian naval vessels to fight piracy in the Gulf of Aden.
• Regular naval exercises have now become the norm.
• India and Oman have not only made military cooperation more expansive during the Modi visit but also made an attempt to take the relationship to other domains.

Foreign Policy towards West Asian countries

India wants good relations with most of the countries in west Asia for India Afghanistan is a important strategic partner and ally regarding Pakistan and other security issues in the region and India will tend to play a balancing act by maintaining good relations with Saudi Arabia,Iran and Israel, because all these countries are important for example Israel is a important defence contractor to India and they export important military hardware to us in the case of Saudi Arabia they export oil to us and in Iran we are building a port in chabadar to provide sea lane access to Afghanistan and also bypass Pakistan and counter the Gwadar port built by china and is a starting point of north south transport corridor with all this said these three countries important regional players in the region and india must counter Chinese influence and build stable and balanced ties with these countries in the region.

Source: The Hindu

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