First Heli Expo India & International Civil Helicopter Conclave Inaugurated in Delhi

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The 1st Heli Expo India and International Civil Helicopter Conclave-2017 is inaugurated in New Delhi 4th Nov. 2017 by the Uttrakhand Tourism Minister Shri Satpal Maharaja ji.


India’s civil aviation market is today among the fastest growing in the world, but helicopter use remains very limited. From the time the first civil helicopter was flown in India in November 1953 and up to 1986 the commercial use of helicopters in India was limited to small aviation companies involved in communication and crop spraying.


As per world statistics, 40 per cent of all civil helicopters are being used for corporate business, 29 per cent for emergency medical services and law enforcement, 16 per cent for offshore operations and the balance for other operations like heli-tourism, adventure sports, aerial surveys, etc.

This indicates that almost one-third of helicopters worldwide are being used for law enforcement and emergency medical services which is almost non-existent in India. Presently majority of the commercial helicopters available in India are being used in the energy sector, both onshore and offshore.


  • The type of helicopters used in the civil market is strongly influenced by the performance criteria of the helicopter in terms of speed, range, safety and reliability, hot/high capability, cabin size and brand experience.
  • Light single engine helicopters continue to be the most popular product class with the highest concentration in North America, with Eurocopter’s EC 130/AS 350, Bell 407, Robinson R-66 and AgustaWestland’s AW109 the most sought after models- many of these models are also operating in India.
  • The next in line are the Intermediate/Medium twin-engine helicopters. The models most commonly seen in this second most popular segment are the AW139, AW169, Bell 412, EC145 and Sikorsky S-76.


Civil Helicopters extend the reach and expand the capabilities of businesses, city governments and security agencies. The positive impact of civil helicopters for entities that can afford to acquire and operate them remains compelling, though purchases would also have to be weighed against the prevailing economic conditions.

The helicopter taxi services have a huge potential for enforcing law and order, air ambulance services, to check forest fire and can provide better connectivity to religious and tourist destinations located in rough terrain of hilly areas.

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