Foreign languages not to be part of 3-language formula in schools

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Foreign languages such as German and French may not be part of the three-language formula in schools from the next academic session. The HRD ministry is believed to have communicated to the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) that students who are keen on learning foreign languages should opt for the subject as fourth or fifth language.

What is new 3-language formula?

Languages which are listed in the Eighth Schedule of the Constitution should be taught under the three language formula, while languages which are ‘purely foreign’ should be taught as a ‘fourth language’ as an elective subject,

What does National Education Policy say?

The three-language formula means students in Hindi-speaking states should learn a modern Indian language, apart from Hindi and English and, in non-Hindi-speaking states, they should learn Hindi along with the regional language and English.

The new  proposal

The proposal has two major differences with the CBSE’s existing three-language formula that applies till Class 8. One, it extends the scheme till Class 10,

Tt does away with foreign languages as an option for students.

Under the new plan, a student would have to take up three Indian languages listed in Eighth Schedule of the Constitution, one of which could be English.

National Policy on Education

The National Policy on Education (NPE) is a policy formulated by the Government of India to promote education amongst India’s people. The policy covers elementary education to colleges in both rural and urban India. The first NPE was promulgated in 1968 by the government of Prime Minister Indira Gandhi, and the second by Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi in 1986. The government of India has appointed a new committee under K. Kasturirangan to prepare a Draft for the new National Education Policy in 2017

The other important past committees in Education includes

  • Radhakrishnan Commission (1948-49) on higher education
  • Mudaliyar Commission (1952) on secondary education
  • Kothari Commission (1964-66)
    The Kothari Commission had a mandate to advise the government on the development of education at all stage and in all aspects.
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