A frog found with the face of a pig

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A New Species of the GenusNasikabatrachus (Anura, Nasikabatrachidae)from the eastern Slopes of the Western Ghats, India

Indian scientists have discovered a new species of frog that has a snout-shaped nose, just like a pig’s, evoking comparisons with the Purple frog that took the world by storm when it was first discovered in 2003.

The new species is morphologically, acoustically and genetically distinct from N. sahyadrensis. Computed tomography
scans of both species revealed diagnostic osteological differences, particularly in the vertebral column. Male advertisement call analysis also showed the two species to be distinct

Who discovered the new species

The soiled-dwelling species, discovered by scientists from the Centre for Cellular and Molecular Biology (CCMB) in Hyderabad, has been named after the Indian herpetologist S. Bhupathy,

Other species found

Apart from N.bhupathi, Alytes also describes the discovery of two new frog species from north-eastern India: Xenophrys sanu, a resident of the Darjeeling hills in West Bengal, and Xenophrys katabhako, found in West Bengal and Sikkim

The Centre for Cellular & Molecular Biology (CCMB)

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