Government Aims To Manufacture Most Defence Systems In India In 6 Years

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The government is considering to indigenously manufacture majority of the defence systems that are currently imported, over the next five-six years


  • The government has come out with many mechanisms to promote the industries to get them into defence research in a big way and come out with many indigenous products
  • Lot of schemes have been brought out, which support the innovative research in the country, like Atal Innovation, Technology Development Fund and Innovative Research Initiative.
  • Many industries have developed lot of technologies and they should look for opportunities outside through exports

Why exporting should be considered?

  • No industry can survive continuously with only supplying to the Indian armed forces alone. It’s very difficult. Let’s say these industries, which are producing for Akash (missile), when the orders are over what happens to the production lines of these industries…it’s closed.
  • Under ‘Make in India’, we have to see what is the priority we need to have. We need technologies which are not there here today and for that we need to tie up with those companies/technologies, which are not here
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