Government launches online cancer treatment tutorials

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The country’s first digital Online Oncology Tutorial Series was launched on recently. It is designed by the Tata Memorial Center in collaboration with the Health ministry and aims to train doctors across the country in early detection, prevention, palliation, rehabilitation and treatment of various cancers.

This is part of a national program that will be rolled out across the country by Tata Memorial Centre in collaboration with state governments.


  • The initiative can save many precious lives and improve quality of life of many more.
  • This course is intended for physicians, gynecologists, dentists and other healthcare professionals who are not oncologists, but can play a very crucial role in early detection and diagnosis of cancers.
  • This will equip them with the skills and knowledge on basics of oncology to detect, diagnose and refer cancer cases early.


  • The tutorial comprises of 14 hours of e-learning through more than 40 video lectures, case studies, assessment questionnaires and periodic interactive Webinar sessions with Tata memorial Hospital consultants
  • This initiative is aimed at helping doctors in upgrading their knowledge and skills regularly, which will help them in taking care of obsolescence.


According to the data available with the National Cancer Registry Programme of the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR), India recorded an estimated 3.9 million cases of cancer in 2016!

Experts believe that deaths due to cancer can significantly reduce in India if the disease is diagnosed early as over 70 per cent cancer cases are reported in advanced stages.

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