Government to celebrate contributions of tribal heroes

  • In a major tribal outreach initiative, the government has started a pan-India exercise to identify unsung tribal heroes of the Independence movement and build memorials documenting their lives and sacrifice.
  • The ministry of tribal affairs has asked all states to carefully study the folklore and initiate research studies to identify heroes of tribal uprisings during the British rule.
  • There have been many uprisings in remote areas against the British. These unsung heroes would be identified and their lives and sacrifices would be documented.
  • The ministry is aiming to roll out the project in the next financial year. A concept note has been prepared. About Rs. 60 crore have been earmarked in the Budget for memorials. Though the Centre would fund the construction, the states would do all the groundwork including curation work by experts.


  • The push has come from the Prime Minister’s Office after Modi’s Independence Day speech last year. The PM had underlined the need for acknowledging the contribution of tribes in the Independence movement.
  • Modi had said that, in our freedom struggle, the contribution of our tribes living in the forests was incomparable. They lived in jungles.
  • We may have heard about Birsa Munda but there is hardly any tribal district which did not make sacrifices since 1857 till we got freedom. But our coming generations are not fully aware of this history.
  • The government desires and is planning permanent museums in the States where these tribes lived, struggled against the Britishers and refused to be bowed down.
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