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Date:- 25-Dec, 2017


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 Mars absorbed water like sponge {Science & Tech}

 In news

  • The Martian surface may have reacted with and absorbed the water that once flowed on the Red Planet, making it uninhabitable, scientists suggest.

Present status of Mars

  • Today’s Martian surface is barren, frozen and uninhabitable, a trail of evidence points to a once warmer, wetter planet, where water flowed freely. The conundrum of what happened to this water is long standing and unsolved.

Previous research

It has suggested that the majority of the water was lost to space as a result of the collapse of the planet’s magnetic field, when it was either swept away by high intensity solar winds or locked up as sub-surface ice. However, these theories do not explain where all of the water has gone.

Latest research

  • Planet’s minerology held the answer to this puzzling question, scientists from the Oxford University in the U.K. applied modelling methods used to understand the composition of Earth rocks to calculate how much water could be removed from the Martian surface through reactions with rock.
  • The results revealed that the basalt rocks on Mars can hold approximately 25 per cent more water than those on Earth, and as a result drew the water from the Martian surface into its interior.

 Hybrid sperms used in therapy {Science & Tech}

In news

Scientists have developed hybrid sperms that can deliver a cancer drug directly to a cervical tumours, an approach that could help treat the deadly disease with minimum side effects.

How this hybrid sperm works?

  • German researchers packaged a common cancer drug, doxorubicin, into bovine sperm cells and outfitted them with magnetic harnesses.
  • Using a magnetic field, a sperm-hybrid motor was guided to a lab-grown tumour of cervical cancer cells. When the harness arms pressed against the tumour, the arms opened up, releasing the sperm.
  • The sperm then swam into the tumour, fused its membrane with that of a cancer cell, and released the drug.

 Technology comes to the aid of Vijayapura grape farmers {Science & Tech}

In news

The Horticulture Department has decided to introduce a new technology with the help of National Grape Research Centre, Pune, to help the farmers in the district.

Need of this technology

Grape farmers of the district, who have been battling adverse climatic conditions that extensively damaged their crop for nearly five years, are expected to get help in the coming days.


It is based on the weather forecasting system, helps the farmers to get precise information on the coming weather and what type of precautions they could take to prevent the crop from getting affected from adverse climate.

 Place on record amended draft of Tribunal Rules: SC {Social Justice}

In news

The Supreme Court has directed the Centre to place on record the amended draft of the Central Tribunal, Appellate and other Authorities (Qualifications, Experience and other conditions of Service of Members) Rules, 2017, which is under challenge for modifying the terms of appointment and functioning in various statutory tribunals, including the National Green Tribunal, and causing dilution of judicial independence and posing a threat to the Constitution.

The government would amend the Rules and place the draft of the changes on January 4, 2018 before the Supreme Court.

Why this direction was given?

The development came on several petitions, primarily one by Congress MP Jairam Ramesh, challenging the provisions of the 2017 Rules and the Finance Act, 2017 introducing the modifications in key tribunal appointments.

 Ramakrishna Mission to help CBSE in value education plan {Education}

In news

The Central Board of Secondary Education has tied up with the Ramakrishna mission to impart value education to its students and make them “awakened” citizens with values of peace, harmony, humility and cooperation.


To strengthen, promote and develop cooperation in promoting values education, the Ramakrishna Mission, New Delhi has prepared ‘Awakened Citizen Programme’ for teachers and students,” the board said in a letter sent to schools.

Key points

  • The schools that opt for this programme are required to allot 16 periods per year and are to be committed for a minimum period of three years.
  • As the programme involves initial two days’ training of teachers conducted in the school, the schools desirous of enrolling into the programmes will also have to register with the Ramakrishna Mission

Ramakrishna Mission

The Ramakrishna Math and Mission, excluding the Headquarters at Belur Math, have 171 centers (128 in India and 43 in other countries), spread over different parts of the world. The main goals and objectives of these twin organizations, based on the principle of Practical Vedanta, are:

  • To spread the idea of the potential divinity of every being and how to manifest it through every action and thought.
  • To spread the idea of harmony of religions based on Sri Ramakrishna’s experience that all religions lead to the realization of the same Reality known by different names in different religions. The Math and Mission honour and revere the founders of all world religions such as Buddha, Christ and Mohammed.
  • To treat all work as worship, and service to man as service to God.
  • To make all possible attempts to alleviate human suffering by spreading education, rendering medical service, extending help to villagers through rural development centres, etc.
  • To work for the all-round welfare of humanity, especially for the uplift of the poor and the downtrodden.
  • To develop harmonious personalities by the combined practice of JnanaBhaktiYogaand Karma.

 Panel exhorts Centre to contain bank NPAs {Economy}

In news

Concerned over rising NPAs of banks, a Parliamentary panel asked the government to take urgent remedial measures to reduce the volume of stressed assets in the system and strengthen its vigilance mechanism.

The Committee on Petition in its reports said that it is constrained to note that even after having a ‘vigilance mechanism’ in vogue in the banking system, there are incidences of fraud relating to non-performing assets.

Why no result is coming?

In this regard, the Committee opined that merely issuing of guidelines or advisories by the government or the RBI for averting the incidences of fraud relating to NPAs do not seem to have yielded the desired results and the RBI — being a Regulator — does not seem to have succeeded insofar as implementation and enforcement of its own guidelines is concerned

Committee recommendation

The Committee, therefore, recommended that the government impresses upon the Reserve Bank of India to monitor and follow up strict compliance of relevant instructions with banks and financial institutions on a regular basis

It also recommended that the existing vigilance mechanism be revisited and, if required, be amended, to provide more teeth to it.


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