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Indo-U.S. statement focusses on fight against terrorism

Context: Visit of Indian Prime Minister to U.S.

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  • Prime Minister Narendra Modi and U.S. President Donald Trump jointly declared that bilateral ties between India and the U.S. would continue to grow, seeking to dispel notions that the latter’s election to the White House on a nationalist agenda might have a negative impact on the relationship.
  • Modi invited the President’s daughter Invaka to lead the U.S. delegation to the Global Entrepreneurship Summit (GES) which India will host later this year.

Important announcement made:

  • Fight against terrorism as a cornerstone of mutual cooperation between the countries.
  • Continuing the course on strategic convergence in Asia Pacific, increasing defence trade partnership and added energy as a new thrust area of cooperation.
  • Sale of Guardian drones, Apache attack helicopters, and C-17 aircraft, defence orders by India for American companies will be nearly $19 billion.

About Global Entrepreneurship Summit (GES):

  • The summit will promote economic growth, inclusion and opportunities among entrepreneurs from across the world, with a special focus on emerging nations from Africa and Asia. The GES is a personal initiative of US President Barack Obama to bring entrepreneurs from across the globe on one platform.

China protests against ‘incursion’


  • China confirmed that it had suspended the entry of Indian pilgrims undertaking the Kailash Mansarovar Yatra and lodged a formal protest with New Delhi, following an alleged cross-border incursion by Indian troops.

In news:

  • Chinese Defence Ministry said in a statement that the occurrence at the frontier was “seriously endangering the peace and stability of the border areas.”

Incident took place:

  • Doka La region along the Sikkim-Bhutan-Tibet tri-junction.
  • Face-offs between Indian and Chinese troops in this area are rare in recent years.

Chinese Foreign Ministry view:

  • The area where the border incident took place is undisputed, as it has been delineated and endorsed in the past.
  • The Sino-Indian border of Sikkim has been delineated by the 1890 Sino-British Treaty on Tibetan Customs. After the independence of India, the Indian government has confirmed this in writing several times, acknowledging that there is no objection to the border between the two sides.

Indian Defence Ministry view: Indian troops recently crossed the border in an attempt to block a road construction in Donglang (Doklam) area by the Chinese.

EU slaps a record €2.4 bn fine on Google

  • The European Union (EU) slapped a record €2.4 billion anti-trust fine on Google, dealing a fresh blow to the U.S. tech giant and risking the anger of U.S. President Donald Trump.
  • Google is alleged to have abused its market dominance as the world’s most popular search engine to give illegal advantage to its Google Shopping service.
  • The decision comes less than a year after EU shocked the world and Washington with an order that iPhone manufacturer Apple repay €13 billion in back taxes in Ireland.

WHO for use of devices to test multiple diseases

What is in news?

The World Health Organization (WHO)  released new advice to countries, recommending the use of multi-disease testing devices for Tuberculosis, HIV and Hepatitis.

About new device:

A single device called the GeneXpert can be used to diagnose TB and HIV infections, and quantitatively measure HIV and hepatitis C viral loads.

India recently procured 600 GeneXpert machines for the National Tuberculosis programme.

The WHO is recommending use of these state-of-the-art portable machines the size of a microwave oven, which can run molecular tests. However, most countries do not use them for multi-disease testing.

GeneXpert machines — initially procured by countries for the detection of TB and rifampicin resistance, following an initial WHO recommendation in December 2010 — were subsequently expanded for use in early infant diagnosis of HIV and viral load testing using relevant cartridges in the same device.


These platforms offer technical and financial efficiencies to countries in their disease control efforts, while expanding access to care

Multi-disease devices can increase system efficiencies and improve access to testing for patients in need.

Such devices can also help overcome specific challenges in diagnosis and treatment, such as HIV early infant diagnosis and viral load monitoring for both HIV and hepatitis.

High security for Amarnath yatra

  • The annual Amarnath yatra in Kashmir is facing a terror threat, according to an intelligence warning, which prompted the authorities to mobilise the “highest level” of security measures, including satellite tracking system.
  • The 40-day-long pilgrimage to the holy cave of Amarnath in the mountainous region of south Kashmir will commence from Jammu, about 200 km from the shrine.
  • Over 2.30 lakh pilgrims have registered for the yatra.

Uranus’ magnetic field flips on and off: study

Uranus Aurora

Auroras on Uranus caused by changes in its magnetosphere (NASA/JPL )

NASA’s Voyager 2 spacecraft has discovered that Uranus’ magnetosphere – the region defined by the icy planet’s magnetic field and the material trapped inside it – gets flipped on and off like a light switch every day as it rotates along with the planet.

What causes light switch effect?

  • The finding showed that magnetosphere is ‘open’ in one orientation, allowing solar wind to flow into it. It is later “closed”, forming a shield against the solar wind and deflecting it away from the planet. When the magnetised solar wind meets this tumbling field in the right way, it can reconnect and Uranus’ magnetosphere goes from open to closed to open on a daily basis.
  • Therefore, scientists say Uranus’ rapid rotational change in field strength and orientation lead to a periodic open-close-open-close scenario as it tumbles through the solar wind.
  • Reconnection of magnetic fields is a phenomenon throughout the solar system. It is one reason for the Earth’s auroras. Since the same alignment of the Earth’s magnetosphere is always facing toward the sun, the magnetic field threaded in the solar wind must change direction in order to reconfigure the Earth’s field from closed to open.

Netherlands backs UNSC, NSG bids

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The Netherlands has backed India’s early entry into the NSG and other multilateral export control regimes, and supported the country’s bid for a permanent UN Security Council seat. The Netherlands’ support came after Prime Minister Narendra Modi held talks with his Dutch counterpart, Mark Rutte.

The Netherlands also expressed its support for India’s membership to Wassenaar Arrangement and the Australia Group.


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