India’s very own robot ‘Brabo’


  • A Tata group company, TAL Manufacturing Solutions, has unveiled India’s first ever robot called ‘Brabo’.
  • It has already been showcased in the Make in India week that took place last year.
  • The development cost, as reported, is Rs. 10 crore.
  • The Brabo robot will be developed for micro, small and medium enterprises.

About the first India made robot, Tata Brabo:

  • The robot is a Tata Motors innovation
  • It has been developed in-house by a team of six engineers
  • Led by Anil Bhingurde, COO of TAL Manufacturing Solutions, the development cost of the robot is reported to be about Rs 10 crore
  • The designing has been done at TAL, styling was done at Tata Elxi, and manufacturing of some parts at Tata AutoComp
  • Tata Capital, a housing finance company, provided the finance
  • The robot will be developed for micro, small and medium enterprises
  • The enterprises will then use the robots for their manufacturing purposes
  • It has been reported that Brabo will be priced at Rs 300,000 for 2 kilograms payload, and Rs 600,000 for 10 kilograms payload
  • The main advantage that Tata has is that the company will have the localised manufacturing of the robot and it can price the robots lower than the foreign players
  • The idea behind the making of the robot is to drive mechanisation in the Indian markets by offering cheap and cost-effective solutions
  • It has also been reported that by manufacturing robots, TAL Manufacturing doesn’t intend to compete with global robot manufacturing companies but plans to target the small initiatives in the Indian markets with affordable solutions
  • With the launch of Brabo, from next year, the demand of robots in the Indian market is expected to rise to 5,000 from 1,000, according to the International Federation of Robotics.
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