A new initiative to connect Kashmiri Pandits and Muslims


As part of a new initiative called ‘Raabta’, greeting cards were sent to Hindus highlighting the strong ties between the two communities.

‘Raabta Kashmir’ started out as a small endeavour to “help search and reconnect old friends, neighbours, school mates, colleagues, families from Kashmir who haven’t heard from each other in the last 28 years.

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A new initiative to connect Kashmiri Pandits and Muslims was recently started in the Valley. On the occasion of Herath (Shivratri) on 13 Feb, 2108, greeting cards were sent out, as part of the initiative, with warm wishes for the festival.

Shivratri (Herath)

Shivratri is the crown of our festivals, and is spread over a full fortnight of the Phalguna month. Among the Kashmiri Pandits this is known as Herath, a phonetic derivation of Har-ratri the night of Hara (Shiva). It is a socio-religious function that is the very part of our life. It is believed that every Kashmiri girl is a Parvati and is wedded to Shiva. The Shivratri symbolises the wedding of the two, and on this occasion the Bhairavas and other Ganas accompanying Lord Shiva are fed with choicest dishes up to the fill and to their satisfaction.



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