Next year China to send mini ecosystem on moon

  • This is first time any country planning to send an ecosystem to lunar surface.
  • The Ecosystem consists of potato seeds and silkworm eggs.
  • Zhang Yuanxun is the one who designed the ecosystem.

How they will send the ecosystem?

  • An 18-centimetre-tall cylinder will carry potato seeds and silkworm eggs to be incubated.
  • The 3-kilogramme mini-ecosystem, is  developed by research teams led by Chongqing University in China.

Why potato seeds and silkworm

  • The silkworms will hatch and create carbon dioxide, while the potato plants will generate oxygen.
  • As plants need carbon dioxide and animals or insects needs oxygen to flourish both will help each other to grow if surrounding allows.

Special Highlight of the mission

  • live streaming will be done to show the development of plants and insects on lunar surface to the whole world.
  • The main objective behind this mission is to prepare for future moon landings and possible human inhabitants. China is preparing for a planned mission to the Moon.
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