No New Tax in Jharkhand Budget For 2017-18

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Jharkhand, in the state budget presented on Monday, did not introduce any new taxes and the budget has the total outlay Rs 75,673.42 crore.
Here are the major highlights from the budget:

  1.  The Jharkhand government has not introduced any new tax in the budget for 2017-18.
  2.  Total outlay of Rs 75,673.42 crore.
  3.  Focus on education and rural development, with 13.90 per cent and 13.84 per cent of the total outlay allocated    for the sectors, respectively.
  4.  The highest budget allocation is for education with Rs 10,517.64 crore, followed by Rural Development with  10,473.70 crore.
  5.  2017-18 fiscal to be Garib Kalyan Varsh
  6.  The budget is 19.17 per cent more than the previous budget.
  7.  For the first time, Jharkhand has ended the planned and non-planned budget and tabled Revenue expenditure and  Capital expenditure budget.
  8.  In 2017-18, the Capital budget is Rs 18,812.10 crore and Revenue Budget is Rs 57,861.32 crore.
  9. Started a new ‘Mukhyamantri Kitchen’.
  10.  All 32,000 villages of the state will be connected to internet facilities and all the panchayat secretariats will have internet within two years.