Nuclear weapons create ‘false security’:Pope

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Pope Francis warned Friday that international relations can no longer be “held captive” by policies of fear and nuclear, and urged governments to pursue of future free of atomic arms.

Francis addressed Nobel peace laureates, UN and Nato officials and diplomats from countries with the bomb during a Vatican conference aimed at galvanising support for a global shift from the Cold War-era policy of nuclear deterrence to one of disarmament.

Vatican nuclear conference 

  • Reliance on nuclear weapons to maintain a balance of power “creates nothing but a false sense of security,” and that any use of them, even accidental, would be “catastrophic” for humanity and the environment.
  • The conference comes amid mounting tensions on the Korean peninsula and heated rhetoric between Washington and Pyongyang over the North’s nuclear ambitions.
  • The conference is the first major international gathering since 122 countries approved the new UN treaty in July calling for the complete elimination of nuclear weapons.
  • None of the nuclear powers and no NATO members signed on, arguing that the treaty’s lofty ideals were unrealistic given the rapid expansion of North Korea’s nuclear weapons program.
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