Obama lifts 20-year sanctions on Sudan


Source: The Hindu

  1. US President Barack Obama is to lift some trade and investments sanctions against Africa’s third largest country

    2.    The sanctions relief is expected to impact businesses that deal with agriculture, import-export services, transportation, technology and medical equipment, and oil, a White House official said.

    3.    He announcement made by outgoing President Barack Obama’s administration on Friday comes after an executive order to permanently repeal a range of sanctions as a result of Sudan’s efforts to improve security in the region.

    4.    For the first time in two decades, Sudan will be able to receive imported goods and services from the US, as authorised by the US Department of the Treasury.

    5.     The lift will also release frozen Sudanese property and assets held in the US, and permits the trade with the oil and gas industry in Sudan.

    6.    Sudan has welcomed the decision even as it is unclear what US President-elect Donald Trump’s stance is on the embargo lift.

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