Pancheswar Multipurpose project

Pancheshwar Multipurpose Project (PMP) is a bi-national hydropower project to be developed in Mahakali River ( or Sharda )bordering Nepal and India.

* Development of PMP, is a mutual interest project between two countries, and is covered under integrated Mahakali Treaty signed between Nepal and India according to which, equal sizes of underground power house i.e. of 3240MV will be constructed on each side of Mahakali river in India and Nepal.

* Moreover, the PMP also offer benefit of regulated water for irrigation to a vast area of agricultural land both in Nepal and India along with benefit of flood control at downstream.

* Pancheshwar Development Authority (PDA) has been set up jointly by India and Nepal in 2014 for execution, operation and maintenance of the Pancheshwar Multipurpose Project.

* The project envisages a storage of the order of 6 BCM; will generate 5050 MW power, irrigate 4.3 lakh ha out of which 2.6 lakh ha is in India.


The Pancheshwar storage dam would play a significant role in mitigating floods. The disaster due to floods year after year and associated costs could be avoided to Nation’s advantage. The project will promote eco-tourism as part of the environmental management plan. Most of the inputs, labour etc. would come from India and therefore the project will benefit the Indian economy.

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