PRS Report Analysis: Nov 2017 (CAO PRS Analysis)

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Here is the PRS Report Analysis download link :- Download Now

Before Going through this report Let us know

What is PRS & its important for UPSC Exams?

PRS India tracks the functioning of the Indian Parliament and provides comprehensive resource base for key legislative policies and issues beside many other things.

A very good resource and a boon for UPSC aspirants. You can use it to keep track on policies and bills for various Govt verticals like Agriculture, Health, Industries, Finance, Defence, Science, etc.

UPSC does ask about the upcoming bills and those that have been passed As such PRS India endeavours to provide the list of such Acts and bills and summarizes bills in such a manner that you don’t need to be a polity whiz to understand. In a very lucid and layman language it provides you the analysis.

We have chosen few important analysis of PRS and explained them in details for better understanding.


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