RBI takes to SMSes, missed-call helpline against prize frauds

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Taking the fight to the arena used by fraudsters promising prize money from the RBI, the central bank has itself launched an SMS campaign and a missed-call helpline to warn people against such scams.

Why this was needed?

Fraudsters make calls or send SMSes and emails to gullible people promising lotteries and prize money from the Reserve Bank — at times from the RBI Governor himself — to trap them into sharing their banking account details or paying some fees or charges to get the money.

For e.g.

One such fraudulent SMS asks the recipient to deposit Rs 9,500 as “fund release order fee charges” with a bank account — which the fraudster presents as that of the RBI itself — and provide bank account, Aadhaar and address details for getting an amount of over Rs 2 crore


  • RBI has been regularly publicizing attentiveness announcements against such frauds, it has now acted to SMSes to spread public knowing against such frauds and has also set up a ‘missed call’ helpline that provides all essential message to the visitors, including about registering of disorders.
  • RBI/RBI Governor/Government never sends such email/SMS/call,” the central bank says in one such SMS, while asking them to give a missed call to a phone number (8691960000).
  • The missed call to this helpline amount is returned with another call that provides more message on stages to be acted in such cases — including registering of disorder with the cyber compartment of the local police officer and on a specially designed computer bag.rbi.org.in.
  • It also clarifies that the RBI does not ajar any record for solos and cautions against getting foolish by calls or SMSes desiring movement of cash to purported RBI record or overlapping of personal tipping information.
  • The RBI helpline is aimed at explaining to the general public that it never asks any such details from individuals and such calls are made by fraudsters who typically ask the gullible public to either deposit a “small amount with RBI” to get a big amount of money in return in the name of some “prize or lottery”.
  • Another SMS as part of the campaign tells the public that if they “receive offer of lottery winnings or cheap funds from RBI or some government body”, they must complain immediately on the Sachet website.

Source: PIB

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