The HINDU Notes – 02 January


🔘 Not just about a quota (G.S-01)


  • In india there are lots of policy on social unity in diversity but main focus of discussion is reservation policy that left country with social partisan not unity.
  • In the survey of the reservation policy majority of the general category opposed it because that give concession to reserved category but they don’t think about support system that they have and poor don’t have.
  • Some people think that reservation should be made on the basis of the economy of the person but they have to think twice that this is not economic or anti poverty program its social program to end sin of the society.
  • One way to make these measures more acceptable and help people better understands the historic,social and cultural background behind reservation would be to educate children in schools about caste, ethnic,gender and regional diversities and the need for public policy interventions to make society more equal and fair.

🔘 ‘Leap second’ syncs Indian time with Earth’s spin (G.S-03)

  • Leap second added to indian clock to adjust time with decreasing rotation rate of earth
  • This decreasing rate have effect on satellite, communication and astronomy
  • This reducing rotation speed is due to earth quake and moons gravitational force.


hoax-news-and-hacking🔘 Playing the angles, with Russia (G.S-02)

  • America and Russian relation always stand on both extreme throughout cold war era.
  • Now both country want to work together as new political era signing better cooperation
  • Middle east problem is result of the cold war if Russia and America have tie then there will be no conflict because of cooperation
  • Russia and American cold war and policy of opposition led to oil field


🔘 Now bus-tracking only a click away (G.S-03)


  • KSRTC provide model transportation services in the India.
  • Now KSRTC is taking step toward real time vehicle tracking as open information.
  • This initiative will have following benefit:
  1. transparency and responsibility of quality service
  2. convenience of tourist
  3. making citizen more mobile
  4. digital platform also provide facility to avoid traffic and congestion in urban world
  5. peoples faith on public transport increase > less use of private vehicle > less pollution
  • though this model now only limited to Karnataka, so other state can take step toward its transportation model

🔘 Pak. endorses China’s block on Masood Azhar (G.S-02)


  • Masood azahr is the chief of the jaish-e-mohammad extremist group.
  • This group also responsible in attack of pathankot last year.
  • Masood now in china so india want masood custody but china denying that india went to UN 1267 committee which working on terrorism from IS but committee rejected this move.
  • This show non-cooperation amongst country to fight terrorism if this trend continue then proxy war become rule rather than exception.

🔘 ₨5.5 lakh for each PoK refugee (G.S-03)


  • Central government will deposit 5.5 lakh rupee in each Pakistani and PoK refugee directly in their account.
  • This rehabilitation compensation to be given to refugee of the PoK, partition ,1962,and 1971 war refugee with chhamb refugee.
  • This package have following benefit:
  1. to slow extremist activity
  2. economic empowerment with social dignity

🔘 Hoarded black money to be converted into cheaper loans’ (G.S-03)


  • Demonetization have effect of the loan disbursement that have both stand formal sector and informal sector
  • As RBI have hold bank rate and slowed demand led to slowdown bank rate.
  • Informal sector have opposed formula because lots of the person with black money want to give money at lowest interest rather than disclose it.
  • So informal loan sector participation rises this will again growth in demand and give thrust to economy.

🔘 Opportunity to lower corporate tax rates: CII (G.S-03)


  • Demonetization and GST provide base and opportunity to lower down interest rate that is highest ever
  • Lower tax has following result
  1. wide tax base have higher compliance
  2. lower tax have trickledown effect on price of commodity
  3. encourage more investment and FDI also increase

🔘 Packing food, drugs at a blistering pace (G.S-03)


  • Packaging industry in india rising as more and more FMCG demanded but 80 % of the packaging material being now imported
  • To minimize import research and development works are on pace with using PVC[poly vinyl chloride ] if it will passed test then india will become exporter of packaging material
  • This development also improve packaging quality of the agriculture goods to lower down crop wastage
  • Good packaging quality also give us value addition to our product otherwise it will become scenario of colonial period when just packaging fetch high value of product.

🔘 Smart electricity meters can be dangerously insecure (G.S-03)

Smart electricity meters

  • Smart electricity revolutionize not only collection but also using pattern of electricity that will help in energy saving also
  • But this system have following loophole also
  1. hacker may affect electric stream of house led to fire and damage to devices
  2. hackers also unfold security and affect billing of their own house by data theft and change.
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