The HINDU Notes – 04 January


🔘 5.7 magnitude quake jolts Northeast; 1 dead (G.S-01)


  • Low seismic earthquake has hit north east area of India.
  • This zone come under faulting zone of the Himalayan region.
  • Major area under high seismic are:
  1. Kutch region
  2. North Bihar
  3. Himalayan region
  4. Andaman island


  • One thing government should bear in the mind that earthquake cant be avoided but by the preparedness we can minimize loss by the earthquake.
  • Disaster management need connectivity to the place that lack in north east area so government first should be increase in linkage with this area.
  • Use of drone make disaster evaluation more easier.
  • In the high seismicity area there should be clear norms on building and infrastructure as we can experienced in Nepal earthquake.

🔘 Two takes on democracy (G.S-02)


  • What constitute definition of democracy can’t be adjust with award of the court or regulation of executive
  • To sustain democracy there should be some bond that hold together that will be bond of culture and commerce
  • Secularism means complete exclusion of state from state not nation that should be taken into mind
  • Noble and inspiring democracy state that citizen should practice their belief and ritual in his/her private life but when they come to public life they should be rationale person to think only about public good.

This is the time to develop universal citizenship that have not only favor voter of winner to be developed and welfare of them to be done but this is constituency as a whole.

🔘 Return of the Cold War? (G.S-02)


  • Cold war is phenomena of the grouping after world war on the creation of new block
  • After the partition of the Russia tension being increasing and few below stated event also increase tension between two countries
  1. When Georgia offered NATO membership Russia protested on it.
  2. Asylum to Edward Snowden who was the national security agency take asylum of the Russia the case famously known as Wikileaks.
  3. Ukraine conflict led to world in fear.
  4. Russia military intervention in Syria.
  5. Russia having ties and communication channel with Taliban.
  6. Hacking in election allegation.

🔘 A nudge to borrowers (G.S-03)


  • After demonetization two extremist affect on banking system on the one hand deposit of bank doubled in last quarter but withdrawal rate decrease to neutral.
  • After that state bank that is biggest commercial bank of India decrease marginal cost of fund based lending rate means decrease cost of the withdrawal.
  • Aim of these move is to stop more non-productive asset because by the demonetization demand has slow down > production of inventory left > inflation slow down > no new order and production > unemployment + balance sheet of unit in deficit > nonpayment of bank loan > loss to bank > again tin balance sheet problem arises.
  • If lending cost decrease then demand in automobile and real estate will show positive trend.

🔘 Death of a naturalist (G.S-03)


  • Pete Jackson gives his whole life in the conservation of cat family animal like tiger and lion and works specially in Gujarat.
  • He has also worked in Sultanpur Lake of the Haryana which stated only 25 mile from Delhi and having prosperous natural beauty.
  • Sultanpur Lake or wetland is home for lakh of migrated bird most famous is black necked crane.
  • World wild life Switzerland based wild life conservation union that motivates India to start plan for tiger conservation as project tiger in 1973.

🔘 Ensure 40% of currency reaches rural areas’ (G.S-03)


  • After demonetization rural area hit because of lack of banking inclusion and access to bank.
  • So government should encourage bank to start ATM in rural area and give incentive on them.
  • Special account opening and training seminar to be held in rural area.
  • When cash reach to rural area then economy automatically start functioning as 60% population from village.
  • Enough cash also works as agricultural grease as this led to investment and next crop planning.
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