The HINDU Notes – 06 January


🔘 Keeping the streets safe (G.S-02)bengaluru-shame-copy

  • Its emergency time for India to take step toward police reform but what reform needed no one knows.
  • We should go from police professionalism to moral police with humanity at base of institution.
  • Police always works on lower target because they can’t take step toward famous person like bootlegger because of lack of integrity between majorities.
  • Police has always tendency to work toward senior official order means lack of initiative and innovative measure.
  • Lack of leadership in the sense of integrity also prevails in every state police with political interference.
  • Now what reform needed:
  1. Enough human resources because large vacancy in proportion of UN ratio.
  2. Technical training for changing world.
  3. Co-operation between state police.
  4. Use of more and more technology.
  5. Transparency and responsibility.
  6. Humanitarian approach.
  7. Police should be engendered.

🔘 How will EC decide on the party symbol row in SP? (G.S-02)


  • Recently dispute in Samajvadi Party led to crisis of symbol of election.
  • Election commission has power decide such dispute under Election Symbol Act.
  • When dispute occur then it is hard to identify original party so EC decide upon majority rule.
  • If merger of party take place then EC decide symbol on the base of the committee of both party decision.

🔘 Ban on import of exotic skins (G.S-03)


  • Director General of foreign trade has banned exotic fur or skin has been banned to save wild life from commercialization.
  • Animal welfare board also supported this move.
  • Animal skin being sell to use in cosmetic and designer items ban has following outcome:
  1. It will stop animal trade.
  2. Helps in conservation of wild life.
  3. People education not to use leather product as it harm biodiversity.

🔘 Elephants outsmart technology, enter Gudalur dump yard (G.S-03)


  • Elephant in gudalur showing unique behavioral and food searching skill.
  • They daily come to municipal waste collection plot in search of food.
  • When environment worker tried with solar fencing to stop animal in which solar power give slight shock to stop elephant.
  • Then elephant show an extra ordinary skill in which they have use their tusk to break solar fence because at tusk they can’t fill shock and when they enter once then break whole fence.
  • This show intelligent level of the elephant because then can remember water sources for 50 year.

🔘 Brief economic slowdown likely: Pranab (G.S-03)


  • President gives his brief about effect of the demonetization especially on the weaker section and politics of the country.
  • Because in politics this move will become tool for vote.
  • That affects our unity bond in diversity that is invisible thread that bond diversity.
  • That thread is tolerance and patience that enable India to become diverse country in every field of life.
  • To stop vote bank politics and fault in society we should work on rule of law that enable us to keep peace.

🔘 New norms likely for top PSU bank posts (G.S-03)


  • Bank board bureau has been set up to solve problem faced by the public sector bank.
  • BBB given recommendation about appointment of the person who have remains at least 6 year of the duty.
  • When person have long tenure then person can work toward long term goal and being responsible for their action if any fault occur.

🔘 Repayment of micro loans hit by note ban (G.S-03)


  • Demonetization has lower demand >
  • That lower economic activity >
  • Lower repayment of loans
  • Other hand lower production >
  • Decrease need of human resources>
  • Lower payment of wages >
  • Worker informal sector paid less.
  • SHG and farmer have also micro loans but economic slowdown also hit them.

🔘 Export infrastructure scheme on the anvil (G.S-03)


  • TIES scheme started to boost export by providing world class infrastructure facility.
  • Trade infrastructure for export scheme [TIES] will work on the basis of center-state cooperation to develop infrastructure.
  • Diverse infrastructure should be created as per need of the port like Kandla should be developed to textile while mundra should develop on energy base.

🔘 BHIM app (G.S-03)


  • BHIM App or Bharat Interface for Moneyis a new UPI based payment application for android smart phones launched by Indian government on 30th December 2016.

Highlights of BHIM App

  • You can also collect money by sending a request and reverse payments if required.
  • You can check your bank balance and transactions details on the go.
  • You can create a custom payment address in addition to your phone number.
  • You can scan a QR code for faster entry of payment addresses. Merchants can easily print their QR Code for display.
  • Maximum of Rs. 10,000 per transaction and Rs. 20,000 within 24 hours.
  • At present Hindi and English languages are supported by BHIM App, more languages will be added soon.

🔘 Israel harnessing sunshine with world’s tallest solar tower (G.S-03)


  • Israel started plan to make 10 % of the energy to be made from renewable form of the energy.
  • “Project Ashalim” has been started to realize this goal.
  • Solar photovoltaic cell directly convert solar light into electricity while solar tower using principle of the solar thermal method.
  • In solar thermal method hundreds of mirror focused on one tower in which solar heat use to generate electricity.

🔘 Living near heavy traffic increases risks of dementia (G.S-03)


  • Living near to road traffic led to air pollution that pollution particles enter into blood vessel that cause inflammatory and diabetes.
  • Air pollution also leads to dementia disease that is commonly known as Alzheimer disease loss of brain cell that deteriorate thinking and behaving capacity of the person.

🔘 Teaching peace to humanity (G.S-04)


  • How to make 21st century peaceful?
  • Its root only passes through studying philosophy and art in school and college?
  • In the ancient Greek the concept of the Paideia means what should be ideal and peaceful society that have universal happiness and manner of behavioral science
  • Education is not just making person but developing soul of person and make capable to see world in good intention that determine ethical level of person behavior.
  • Main purpose of the education is to spread peace in world but this peace not come with negative meaning because peace on sustainable way goes to prosperous life with happiness.
  • Education is way to make society engender [ lagta he yahi wo author he jisne is saal ka essay paper set kiya he kyuki bar bar engender word aa raha he ] because education have not only academic pursuit but moral perception also.
  • Slight line of value passes between student of Ravindranath’s Shantiniketan and soldier of Hitler.


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