The HINDU Notes – 07 January


🔘 Bengaluru is set to host Pravasi Bhartiya Divas (G.S-01)


  • Pravasi Bhartiya Divas being celebrated every year in the memory of the mahatma Gandhi return from South Africa to India in 1915.
  • This year celebration to be held in Bengaluru and scheme is technological innovation and society.

🔘 Aadhaar must for EPF pension scheme (G.S-02)


  • Employment provident fund scheme comes under Labour Ministry in which contribution of employee under pension fund plus government contribution combined and then given to employee who have minimum 10 year of services and contribution in pension fund
  • Now government given short notice to enroll every pension holder person with Aadhaar as this is against Supreme Court verdict on mandatory use of Aadhaar.
  • Mandatory Aadhaar have following problem:
  1. Right to privacy.
  2. If person not capable due to old age to go Aadhaar registration center.

🔘 GDP growth expected to be slower at 7.1% this year (G.S-03)


  • After demonetization the cycle of the economic activity need grease because according to CRISIL and ICRA growth rate of Indian economy may subdued to 7.1% which is far below than expected.
  • In this problem we can’t point out one factor because multiple factor affected by the demonetization as private sector have negative impact but public sector have positive one.
  • This move if not managed become tragedy as spiral effect of slow down led to failure of market system
  • What government can do?
  1. More capital investment.
  2. More investment from outside.
  3. Lower down bank rate.
  4. Apply “Abenomics formula”. [Japanese PM Shinzo Abe’s formula to attract faster growth]
  5. Lower down bank rate.
  6. Incentivize saving transformation into investment.

🔘 SC stays transfer and sale of 2G spectrum by Maxis (G.S-03)


  • To remember this all thing please memorize it in following story type of the manner
  • First of all spectrum means network lease given to communication operation as it is national property.
  • For transparent allocation of the spectrum government adopt lottery system to avoid any partisanship.
  • When government announces lots of communication start up established.
  • In lottery when this new unit wins spectrum then they sell it to big corporate firm and earn money by increasing price.
  • The inflated price again goes to public in the form of high call and internet charges and become hurdle for digital inclusion.
  • Government stayed this process as this motivates malpractices and wasting of public asset as spectrum belongs to public asset.

🔘 SC stays order allowing seizure of roosters (G.S-03)


  • In Andhra Pradesh and Tamil nadu on the occasion of the Pongal/Sakrant known for Jallikatu and rooster fighting.
  • This has been banned by the Andhra high court on the view of the animal welfare ad abuse of the democracy.
  • Supreme Court stayed order by giving relief as farmer breed them have right.

🔘 Lowest record of the Rupee (G.S-03)


  • After demonetization and US election result Indian rupee continuously showing downward movement.
  • Lowest rupee has following affect on economy.
  1. High CAD due to trade balance responsibility increase
  2. Export increase.
  3. Foreign investment increase.
  4. Inflation increase as petroleum led top.

🔘 Railways may get 6% increase in Budget (G.S-03)


  • This year railway budget will not be presented separately as it was colonial practices started around 1925.
  • This year separate budget means railway are now par with other ministry and only railway ministry have this tradition as it is revenue generating portfolio investment.
  • Now railway not need to pay dividend to central government as central investment is railway.
  • This has positive effect as railway will get more central fund but have also limit operating freedom and operating efficiency as now not needed independent evaluation.

🔘 Center plans to amend Plantation Labour Act (G.S-03)


  • Center wants to amend Plantation Labour Act 1951.
  • This amendment purely for the definition clarity of the wages that now only include payment of wage.
  • New amended law will include house, ration, bonus, education firewood and medical facilities.

🔘 London breaches annual air pollution limit in just five days (G.S-03)


  • London breach pollution level limit in just five day of the year that show severity of the pollution in developed country.
  • Nitrogen dioxide is main component of pollution which is output of the vehicular emission.
  • People have major health hazard like Dementia [Alzheimer], Diabetes, Asthma etc.
  • By this way urban area become heat Island that tends to climate change in urban area.
  • This is pure result of lack of sensitiveness toward pollution and loses implementation of the international convention like Kyoto, Paris etc.

🔘 Vast iceberg poised to break of Antarctica, say scientists (G.S-03)


  • Ice shelves means thick ice sheet floating over water.
  • This ice shelves now contracting due to poisoning by the ice by black component.
  • Carbon component concentrate on ice and attract insulation.
  • This insulation led to trapping of particulate matter.
  • This heat led to melting of the ice and finally submergence.
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