The HINDU Notes – 14th January


🔘 Some human right issues in world IMP

• United state have largest jailed population in the world
• In turkey problem of civil servant and cop
• Russia have NGO ban
• Prison to democracy activist
• Venezuela have severe scarcity of medicine
• Central Africa Muslim refugee
• Ethiopia have journalist problem
• Myanmar have Rohingya problem

🔘 Surviving drought: Kerala imposes curbs on water use
• Kerala being the most vulnerable state in terms of monsoon because having most irregular monsoon
• This year south india facing its worst drought due to indian ocean dipole or severe warming of the bay of Bengal
• Water use curb means lower water consumption and that led to conservation of water resources
• But it is depend on the implementation of this idea because every government have planned already but issue with effective implement
• Government should educate people about it. And pricing should be done like kudneer in Tamilnadu

🔘 So what’s the big deal about advancing the Budget, asks SC3
• Central government has advanced budget process for economic viability and parliamentary functioning
• Petition has been filed against this move so supreme court give award that there is no violation of any provision
• Assembly election also coming to five state so opposition move that this will effect free and faire election process that basic principle of democracy
• Free and fair election is duty of the election commission as they are implement body of the model code of conduct
• Advancing budget have following benefit
1. no need of vote on account
2. timely passing of grant make governance effective

🔘 Public account committee

• Made up of both house member with opposition member as chairman
• This committee examine the legal perspective and economic viability of expenditure
• They cannot summon minister of PM of enquiry without permission of speaker
• PAC des not question policy of government
• It can comment of expenditure nature, wasteful use and financial irregularities.
• 22 member committee take decision on the bases of the consensus but chairman have casting vote in time of decision blockade.

🔘 Demonetization effect on Nepal

• Nepal being small brother of india every big decision have effect on Nepal
• Demonetization have affect market system so good and service from Nepal have not buyer now.
• Tourism slowed down affect
• Nepal get its salt to fuel from india so this effect have great consequences on Nepal
• Moreover remittances problem as worker in india from Nepal not able to send money
• Two community to remember Tharu and Madhesi as UPSC asking this kind of question Tharu and Madhesi [Nepal] Rohingya [ Myanmar] pastun [ Afghanistan ]

🔘 Deficit and RBI

• Urjit Patel give caution to government about India’s mounting fiscal deficit that is highest among G20 group
• Government should rationalizing its expenditure by following step
1. more capital investment
2. expansion of railway
3. use of the mass transit system for urban transport
4. digital service center
5. this led to better infrastructure and transportation
6. good transportation means better flowing of the good and services
7. public transport led to decreasing trend in import of oil
8. oil is major part of our import bill and CAD
9. on the other hand small amount of the oil led to lower emission and global warming
10. by this process both objective being satisfied

🔘 Number of unemployed in India to climb: ILO

• Jobless growth is the main reason so we have to know what happen that led to this situation
• First of all world population increase but note working capable > to fulfill demand they deploy machine > now machine become part of life > men has less efficiency then machine > mechanized or capital intensive industry growth
• Gandhi want production my mass not mass production because if we have lots of production by machine then who will purchase it without purchasing power
• Economy working under performing that start negative cycle of the every problem like twin balance sheet deficit, jobless growth or less job growth, slow down in economy etc.

🔘 Trade deficit narrows in December

• Trade deficit means gap between import and export
• Indian have high trade deficit because of major oil export economy
• This lower down deficit have following impact on economy
1. lower down CAD
2. lower overall fiscal deficit
3. more money to investment in infrastructure
4. more infrastructure ked to more flowing of economy
5. more vibrant economy have low wastage and low inflation
6. means people have more income to invest
7. investment led to growth but it should be inclusive and sustainable.

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    Komal Sharma
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