The HINDU Notes – 08 January



As EC seeks view, Govt. calls Budget session

  • Government decide to present budget this year earlier then tradition
  • But election in five assembly date also declared that go to parallel of budget session
  • Opposition party filed that this will effect principle of free and fair election procedure
  • Election commission asks government to response on it.
  • In this year budget two thing will be new that is budget will present earlier and railway budget will merge with general budget


  • From tippler to terrorist — IS fighter recounts journey to Syria
  • This story of moideen provide an unimaginable picture of the IS and worlds strategy toward it.
  • A person from Kerala named moideen attract to go Mosul and joined IS
  • He has given training during that he found that there was American drone hovering in sky but IS not harming them- think what should be link
  • Then person go to war but feared and want to escape but IS give them to police and jailed him.
  • From there moideen return India and start to work in his father shop because when he go to Mosul their family know only that he go to Mecca
  • What is the reason that attract people from india to join IS
  1. Unemployment after higher degree
  2. High pay and power with less hard work
  3. Recruitment technique of IS [online attraction]
  4. Religion sentiment and indian political nature
  5. Radical mindset of young


  • ‘Gujarat will be defense services hub’
  • In next vibrant summit Gujarat government will publish its defense manufacturing policy to incentivize defense unit
  • This incentive includes easy law, tax benefit and subsidy to start up etc.
  • This hub provide with national security in the sense of the equipment and social security by employment
  • Gujarat development model has following limitation
  1. no inclusive development on society and geography
  2. capital intensive growth no job creation
  3. more publicity led then work
  4. industrial friendly policy not thinking of environment and farmer
  5. natural resources used for private profit


  • Sri Lanka’s next big fight
  • After malaria free tag from WHO now Sri lanka eyes is on kidney dieses as cases increases because of life style and environment problem
  • Hypertension and diabetes are common cause for the kidney failure
  • This dieses is more prevalent among agricultural community as from American, Sri lanka and Andhra Pradesh experience
  • Dialysis and transplantation are two available option for cure
  • Agro contaminated water may become cause of problem


  • ‘Indian companies optimistic of economic recovery in 2017’
  • After demonetization economic growth of the indian will dip three year low
  • After all indian firm are second most optimist according to international business report
  • This implies that corporate world in positive attitude about new rise in growth rate after revival of the economy


  • A novel electrode for lithium batteries
  • IIT madras student developed new component to have long life battery
  • They use anode of the carbon nanotube with exfoliated and adding sulfur that make this battery very high potential
  • This can be used for un accessible electricity region and at the time of natural calamities


  • China setting up highest altitude telescopes close to LAC
  • China has set biggest telescope last year now want to set up telescope at india china border
  • Nagari is the prefecture zone on line of actual control where new telescope installment proposed
  • This telescope will work to find out gravitational waves in northern hemisphere will situated on 5500 meter of height
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