The HINDU Notes – 09 January


DATE 09.01.2017


  • Pravasi Bhartiya divas and indian Diaspora
  • Diaspora means people who fled to other country before or after independence
  • Geographically this Diaspora divided into west and west Asia
  • For identity as indian UPA government in 2002 start annual celebration of Pravasi Bhartiya divas in the memory of mahatma Gandhi
  • In west Asia India have 7 million diaspora mainly in six gulf council country
  • This economy have largely depend on one commodity that is petroleum so this economy felt economic contraction and expansion on the base of the world economy
  • Dubai has explored its whole oil reserve now developing as center for tourism while Qatar and Abu Dhabi developing as center for sport and culture
  • This west Asia now in two trouble one is shale gas revolution in US and Shia-Sunni crisis in whole west Asia


  • Public account committee of the parliament
  • Public account committee always headed by leader of the opposition party


  • VVPAT system in election
  • Voter verifier paper audit trail new initiative taken by election commission to stop mal practices and fraud
  • In this system when voter vote for any candidate the they get printed slip of that so they can verify regarding this
  • Supreme court also twice guided to use this techniques in every election

On the other hand this will also increase fear or favor as person can show party proof of voting to getting some freebies and candidate will give fear to vote and show its proof so it is again become a matter of concern



  • Aadhaar must for MNREGS work
  • Parliament passed Aadhaar [ targeted delivery of service benefit and facility] act, 2016
  • This act mandate that if government want to give subsidy or other benefit from consolidated fund of the india then person have to possess Aadhaar as a proof of authentication
  • Wages of the MNREGS given from consolidated fund of india from which money cannot be withdrawn without grant or vote on account
  • This move have following benefit
  1. direct benefit transfer
  2. ghost job card issue solved
  3. biometric proof done
  4. maximum utilization of public fund
  5. end of middleman


  • new e-beat system in police reform
  • IIT student developed app called Subhahu
  • This app works on the bases of real time beat of constable in which constable have to go street by street and house by house on this they have QR code
  • When constable scan code real time supervising can be done form superintendent of police
  • This system come with GPS plus real time data that make duty efficient


  • Medical drugs pricing in india
  • Currently this practice being done by the national pharmaceutical pricing authority
  • Life saving drug played vital role in public health but due to less investment by the government more and more out of pocket expenditure being done
  • So government have to take toward public medical expenditure
  • Every time only drug not worked because it is only curative measure so government should also spread awareness in public regarding preventive measure like if person want to prevent tuberculosis then he should take vitamin D and C diet.


  • New species of ginger found
  • New species of the gingiber popularly known as ginger found in Andaman
  • This species have also medicinal value and already used by particularly vulnerable tribal group [PVTG]
  • PVTG status given to the tribal group which have distinct culture and now being vulnerable due to modernization




  • New smart city idea
  • Delhi municipal corporation prepare pilot project of not permitting vehicle in inner circle of the Connaught place
  • This will help to decrease congestion and environmental issue both can be solved
  • Experience in time square shows that by not permitting vehicle food plaza and local economy improves
  • This pilot project should be implemented in other cities core area or pilgrimage and tourist area.



  • Green bond – coming future
  • Green bond means investment in project which mandate for generating renewable energy now getting pace
  • Yes bank is first to issue green bond india now this sector getting pace as more and more project being prepared
  • Green bond guideline issued by the SEBI stated green bond as sunrise investment due to india as seventh largest investor
  • Though till now limited issue has been attracted full potential can be gain by the more and more issue will further unlock full potential
  • Recently government issue blue bond that have potential to develop marine infrastructure


  • New artillery gun included In indian army
  • The Army hasgiven the thumbs-up to aheavy artillery gun, Advanced Towed Artillery GunSystem (ATAGS), being developed by Defence Research and Development Organization, in collaborationwith the private sector.
  • This is significant step inindigenization as the Armyand the DRDO had considerable differences on projectsin the past
  • ATAGS is a 155-mm, 52-calibre towed artillery gun being developed in missionmode for the Army’s artillerymodernization programme


  • Smart or mini grid for rural area
  •  To connect every village with electricity is dream project of the current government
  • But major problem in this project is regarding AT and C loss and infrastructure of grid in difficult terrain
  • Din Dayal gram Vidyutikaran program has been started
  • But real idea should be mini grid or smart grin means to provide renewable or non renewable small power project capable of power supply to small cluster of the village
  • Smart grid or mini grid convert direct current into alternative current and surplus power can be connected to national grid plus inverter can be used for night demand and this convert DC into AC
  • Mini grid end electricity cut and this lead to optimum utilization of the resources
  • Telecom tower in rural area are major consumer of the electricity so renewable source make it ecofriendly




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