The HINDU Notes – 10 January



  • Sex ratio in Haryana touches 900-mark for first time in 20 years
  • Picture of gender gap was grave in Haryana which show lowest score in two decade
  • After launching of the beti bachao beti Padhao scheme and implementation of law like female feticides make positive difference in statistics after 2 decade
  • After two decade ration touched the number of 900 in sex ratio at birth
  • How this miracle done
  1. plan was decentralized with district wise focus
  2. Use of the technology like B3P cell created for public awareness by which social media was used.
  3. Strong implementation of the PCPNDT act
  • Now new problem arises due to lack of support from other state Haryana people go there for pre natal diagnostic
  • Publicity and public contact was base for this success



  • SC backs Madras HC order quashing T.N. appointments
  • Tamilnadu government appointed member of TNPSC who does not have minimal qualification
  • This led to class 10th pass will interview class 1 officer that is unviable and this appointment being done in only one day it is also physically impossible
  • Madras high court quashed this appointment order then state government go to supreme court but supreme court also support high court order
  • Appointment qualification not mentioned in constitution but there should be valid procedure
  • Member of state PCS being appointed by state govt.
  • Why most of the state public service commission failed to work with partiality
  1. major political impact
  2. administrative format
  3. lack of regulation
  4. student have no interest
  5. recruitment in year after year because small quota
  6. state machinery not capable


  • Farmers stake claim to Raisina Hill
  • When in 1911 capital was shifted from Kolkata to Delhi in which Raisina hills become the site of the government
  • This Raisina hills compensation has not being paid so now farmer move to the court


  • India- UAE relation
  • Indian has majorly two hope from west Asia that is energy security and remittances given by people living there.
  • Defense and terror fighting will become major issue apart from this UAE will become service and manufactured item consumer hub


  • Canada to work towards advancing human rights: Minister
  • Canada now turning its strategy of social inclusion rather than racial treatment
  • This white country show new height of the humanity under leadership of the Justin Tredau
  • India have major interest In Canada because of remittances, indian service sector, energy potential and growth model of the Canada
  • Knowledge, tolerance and multiculturalism is bond of the tie between two countries


  • Pravasi Bhartiya Samman award
  • Pravasi Bhartiya divas being held in the memory of the mahatma Gandhi returned form the Africa to india in 1915
  • This year celebration held in Bangalore which theme of social innovation
  • Pravasi Bhartiya award given by indian government to person or organization working in the welfare of indian diasporas and achieve high post by indian origin
  • This year 30 person warding with this award including Portugal president
  • This award also include monetary prize of rupee 1 lakh


  • Telangana plea against Krishna tribunal award dismissed
  • According to award of the Krishna river tribunal water share to only be given to Andhra Pradesh and telangana
  • Sharing state of this dispute is Andhra Pradesh, telangana, and Karnataka
  • Award have been reviewed after reorganization of the Andhra Pradesh in 2014 in which telangana not getting rational share of water.
  • In south indian plateau this year facing worst draught so water dispute become major issue because north east monsoon fail totally this year


  • Second Scorpene submarine ready
  • Under project 75 of indian and French unit DSCN developing scorpion range submarine
  • First submarine named Kalvari construction completed at Majgaon port
  • Second submarine called Khanderi named after island fort of Maratha ruler Shivaji
  • This project data has been leak in Australia but that have no deep effect on project


  • Tuberculosis institute warns against use of new drug
  • Tuberculosis become major problem for india because as per the research done by lancet stated that maximum number of cases reported in india in the world
  • After using only one drug TB have developed resistant called MDR-TB
  • After that in india one girls affected by extensively drug resistance tuberculosis- XDR TB
  • To recover from this TB only bendaquine medicine will work but government denying to supply it because this will make TB bacteria more strong and then situation will be out of hand
  • Hear ethical dilemma arises to lose one life or save all from potential risk and major problem of this situation is that hear you cannot adopt principle of the utilitarianism because human life value cannot be defined
  • Bedaquiline produces by US firm is only option to save girls life because of XDR-TB.


  • Railways were used to appease allies, says PM
  • Prime minister announces redevelopment project for the railway station of Gandhinagar, Gujarat.
  • Project include 5 star hotel also this is innovative step of railway for tourism development and infrastructure led growth
  • This project will be completed by special purpose vehicle [SPV]
  • Gandhinagar is being also developed as international finance center named as GIFT city



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