The HINDU Notes – 11 January



  • Stemming the moral rot within
  • If indian society believes in purity of mother sister and wife and praise mother from goddesses then why this mass molestation like in Bengaluru
  • The real root of this problem lies in the deficit of the value system from boyhood to manhood and makes society shameful
  • This value system so wide that women only not honored of family but world as whole



  • SC orders audit of 30 lakh NGOs
  • In india nearly 30 lakh NGO getting fund from government so its moral duty of NGO to file return and present audit report to government
  • But in many state like Punjab, Kerala, Rajasthan have no law regarding this and public fund used without any responsibility and openness
  • That lead to corruption because discretionary power + monopoly – responsibility + openness = corruption
  • According to general financial rule 2005 every NGO should be audited because its public money and how it’s being used is must to see
  • Now audit of NGO should be given to the CAG that can bring transparency in this mechanism


  • Reaching out to Africa
  • Africa as country bound with natural resources and untapped growth story will become one of the hotspot in the eyes of the world
  • China and india are main rival to explore this resources
  • Africa need investment in every sector and market of every product so Indian some big corporate have base like Tata, reliance and essar etc.
  • East African countries like Burundi, Tanzania, Uganda, and Kenya have formed east African community of custom union and now going to establish monetary union.



  • Note ban puts the brakes on auto sales
  • Try to understand that note ban is not problem at all to economy but real problem arises from artificial for cashless drive that make downward movement of the purchasing power of the person
  • Another reason will be as demand down for goods then people start to think that demand will decrease more and that make worst economic scenario
  • Two wheeler market show highest downward movement of around 22 % that are lowest in decade
  • Automobile sector have large impact on another sector because its affect transportation > connectivity >low level of scheme implementation of govt. scheme > exclusion > extremism
  • On the other hand decrease sell will > decrease petroleum sell > means low CAD > but low employment generation also



  • Make solar rooftops mandatory: CSE
  • Solar rooftop works on the principle of the photovoltaic cell which convert solar insolation into electricity by using silicon
  • Center for environment studies given recommendation about mandatory fitting of solar rooftop on every house
  • This will decrease carbon emission by removing diesel generator for backup power
  • Solar rooftop should be mandatory for construction permission
  • Incentive shall be given in the form of tax benefit and subsidy
  • Diesel generator should be banned
  • Discom should give technical support and Discom should purchase surplus power of the household that make economic earning and attract more household


  • Mind the gender gap
  • Political partnership of the women make difference by improvement in its standard
  • Under sustainable development goal inclusive and engendered society make the most in nation building
  • Last year, the World Economic Forum’s annual Global Gender Gap Report ranked India 87 in terms of gender equality in economy, education,health, and political representation. Women’s declining labour participation, under representation in Parliament, skewed child sex ratio, and prevalent gender-based violence are recognized challenges.
  • For the economic empowerment government adopt unique practices like gender budgeting in which there shall be two separate list A include 100 % women dedicated scheme while list B include at least 30 % should be spend after women
  • For better result funding and scheme implementation should be given to district level as we have show the positive result of Beti Bachao mission in Haryana
  • Although gender budget is not sole way to solve the problem as society have less effect of political scheme is less and society have rigid bon of ritual


  • India opposed to inclusion of ‘new issues’ in WTO
  • Some developed countries want to formed new issue in WTO including e commerce
  • This will hurt indian interest so india withdraw from this move
  • In WTO all the formal agenda taken over consensus


  • RBI’s autonomy needs to be maintained: Jalan
  • RBI being one of the central bank should work with freedom and coordination with government
  • But some instances shows that freedom of the RBI being deteriorated in like demonetization decision and monetary policy committee
  • Now RBI works being solely of printer of note and inflation target



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