The HINDU Notes – 12 January


  • Champaran satyagraha
  • This matter again become tension for UPSC BACCHA, KYUKI CENTURY JO MARA HE
  • Gandhi stated this movement century ago with harsh environment for the reform but Gandhi view was not alienate opposition but to stick with truth
  • 2016 was the year of the nationalism to anti corruption. But none was perfect all were defining on its own.
  • Gandhi visit Champaran on the request of local farmer and Rajendra Prasad on the forceful Neel cultivation and exploitation on the price and tax issue by system called Teenkathiya
  • General thinking of the people is that in Champaran Gandhi done protest, DHARNA, and picketing like activity but it’s not true because Champaran was not fight ever with planter
  • It was political art of struggle in which Gandhi has collected mass data by help of volunteer to suggest reform to government
  • Finally Gandhi has been made the president of commission appointed by government and give recommendation to abolish compulsory Neel cultivation


  • India’s relation with east African community

  • East Africa belt of the Burundi, Rwanda, Uganda are now part of east African community having custom union now moving toward monetary union
  • India have many strategic and resources potential in east Africa as having easy connectivity and market also
  • India also have given strategic partnership to Kenya and Rwanda


  • SC dismisses pleas for payoff

  • One NGO filed petition against Mr. modi that he has been paid allegedly by Birla Rs. 25 crore
  • SC refuses to go into case by saying that it is inherently improbable concept so if any one said that I have paid money to so and so that’s not valid
  • General computer file can be made easily against anything but if showing name of Birla then surely enquiry can be done
  • Pollution all over the india


  • Recently Greenpeace has done survey of country wide pollution level. When we only serious about Delhi pollution level the scenario of national level is not much good than Delhi
  • Data collected show that particulate matter of nation is much high than WHO standard
  • The data analysis done for the major city of the country show geographical trend of the difference i.e. northern part show dangerous mark of pollution while level of the southern part is much better
  • Means north india are more prone to pollution than southern part because
  1. Population density
  2. Coal based plant major contributor to PM
  3. Marine effect in southern part save from higher temperature inversion
  4. No temperature inversion means fresh air at ground because southern part no distinct winter
  • So now pollution problem is for pan India and fight should be starting to eliminate it.
  • Below step should be taken
  1. Non-renewable energy source like coal should be replaced with solar, wind energy
  2. Public transport should make as clean as possible
  3. Traditional particulate matter generating stove should be avoid
  4. Mass environmental education campaign
  5. Preventive measure rather than curative
  6. Research and development in the field of the geo-engineering
  • Microbeads are harmful says NGT


  • Microbeads are one of the exfoliator agent which means when apply on skin or tooth that remove dead cell of the skin
  • This Microbeads is being used by many cosmetic producer in soaps and other product
  • Microbeads are the substances of less than 5 millimeter
  • This product come under the jurisdiction of central drug standard control organization as it is harmful product
  • These substances are harmful for the organism on globe and particularly aquatic one.
  • Olive ridley turtle


  • Found in bay of Bengal and particularly come to Orissa coast for egg lying near hope island
  • Protected under wildlife protection act
  • Olive ridley turtle are amongst largest migratory species and gahirmatha coast of Orissa famous for it.
  • Olive turtle facing following problem
  1. Fishing boat
  2. Electricity because when new born turtle attract toward light of electricity and go to village instead of sea
  3. Poaching and hunting
  4. Climate change
  5. Coastal development and tourism
  • Nowadays major problem is fishing boat in which turtle struck and led to death so government incentivize to use turtle excluder devices but it is not openly avail in market
  • India to join one belt one road initiative


  • India have now chance after 260 year to become once attraction to world
  • Up to 1950 we were rich than china but now only 1/5th of the china and in few year china will overtake US economy with world largest economy and youngest and digital indian economy overtake china by 205 but how to achieve this potential.
  • China’s biggest strategy is to connect world which make our good more accessible to other country
  •  World bank forecast on growth of indian economy


  • World bank forecast for the 7.6 % growth rate which later revised by bank on 7%
  • Due to demonetization demand of good and service has been shrink and this led to investment hold
  • This vicious circle if not manage can harm india economy badly so government should increase public infrastructure investment to attract investment and financial stimulus to have good inflation level in economy
  • Government can use money deposited by people to fund infrastructure project
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