The HINDU Notes – 13 January



🔘 Surviving the drought


  • Tamilnadu government announced state wide drought situation after failure of the north east monsoon
  • It is good step after crisis deepen in farming community and its decided over harvest season of the pongal
  • This decision most waited to prevent farmer suicide series and now loan and tax exemption being given with extra monetary help to farmer
  • According to S. Swaminathan india need better institutional reform for drought management
  • Disaster relief and crop insurance compensation should be given timely with development of cattle and dairy industry fir supplementary income
  • Decade ago national commission recommend about social services and welfare scheme in time of drought
  • In the case of Swaraj Abhiyan supreme court suggest matter of administrative grievance handling for farmer.

🔘 Supreme Court: Jallikattu ban to stay


  • Jallikatu is one kind of bull game that celebrate in tamilnadu on the occasion of the pongal
  • In this game prize tied up with bull horn and prize given to the person who can fight with bull and open the prize
  • In this sport injury to animal and addiction to animal are big threat so supreme court banned jallikatu
  • Evidence of this sport also found in sangam age

🔘 Biodegradable bullets that sprout plants?


  • Biodegradable element means the particle that can be biologically degrade by the time,
  • Leather are best example of the biodegradable product.
  • American army now planning to use bullet to be made from special seed that are bio degradable that can prevent soil pollution.


🔘 Remove PM photos from hoardings: EC


  • Election commission directed that photos of political leader should be removed for free and fair election procedure
  • It is mention under model code of conduct formed and implemented by election commission
  • India model code of conduct implementation is biggest issue throughout decade because
  1. lack of public education
  2. lack of value in political leader
  3. politician want to take short term vote bank benefit
  4. social structure of indian State
  5. law and order issue
  6. no sovereignty to election commission

🔘 Strategic partnership. Really?


  • Strategic partnership symbol given by india to country which have good relation with india
  • First status was given to the France in 1998 there after successive government use this term very lightly
  • Strategic partnership meaning is quite diplomatic include country in which India have defense and security interest like LEMOA status will be included in it.


🔘 SITs on allowances for Central forces


  • After the video viral by the one of the armed force man about food quality government now wake up for handling grievances of the army personal
  • Government first step is toward risk benefit means if personal deployed in high risk area like Jammu and Kashmir and north east than they will get extra risk allowances but left wing extremist area personal don’t get it.
  • Seventh pay commission also recommend about risk allowances to reserve forces also at par of the army personal
  • In army form of management concept of sewadari system emerging which means followers have to do superior personal work.
  • Army management is crucial part of the nation security and sovereignty because of its vital role in nation building
  • Rigid system should be avoided, rank based discrimination should be avoided, better grievance handling mechanism so official not need to viral video on facebook

🔘 Fewer migratory birds at Najafgarh Lake this year


  • Asian water bird census {AWC} conducted by the volunteers in lake of Delhi
  • Asian water bird census conducted under program of the international wetland census by wetland international
  • Delhi this census show that water bird census showing decline path because of
  1. dry winter
  2. climate change
  3. poaching and hunting
  4. habitat loss

🔘 What’s cooking in the BSF?

Security for I-Day

  • BSF constable viral video show something to nation i.e. border and security management is not going well and grievance handling needed the most moreover now social media becoming tool for the efficient governance.
  • Social media have following benefit in good governance
  1. instant reply
  2. no need to go every time to office
  3. wide publicity
  4. highest authority will reply
  5. common good because other problem will also solved

🔘 The city’s bleak future


  • Government has created lots of services and mission like smart city but it’s not matter because what we need most is how people live together with happy and prosperous way.
  • The government increasing its network of the infrastructure but size of city increasing overwhelmingly
  • More than 60% of the city is not fitted with plan project which designated slum and not getting much quality services and then problem ghetto. Start
  • In ancient time every Indian city has its own identity like bharuch as port city kanchipuram as religious place etc. but nowadays no such identity creation found that make city more devised and functional.
  • It is irrational to adopt one size can fit all because Indian city have diversity


🔘 SC refuses plea on alleged dilution of whistleblower law


  • Whistle blower means person giving information of governance where malpractices taken place
  • When person disclose this information than office struck in it try to silent person by fear or favor
  • So it is responsibility of government to take care and suspense the name of the person who disclose information
  • Past record india not good as lots of cases murder is result so 2nd ARC also recommend about whistle blower act updation
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