The HINDU Notes – 16th January



🔘  Ammonia level in water

• As level of the ammonia increases poisons water and make public health vulnerable
• Level of ammonia increasing trend in Yamuna because of unlimited use of the urea fertilizer in nearby green revolution belt of the north India.
• Ammonia have following side effect:
1. damage internal organ
2. severe burns in skin
3. damage to eye with blindness

🔘 Glacier melting and sea level rising

• Recent study found that some big glacier of Antarctica are now melting which can rise sea level temperature up to 3 to 6 meter
• Sea level rising cause great concern on island which have nomadic or tribe people who have distinct culture
• Mitigation effect should be done and this sea level rise cause migration because worlds 70 % population living nearby coast area
• Migrant problem also internal political and racial discrimination in other nation who accepting migrant people


🔘 Moral level of the army personal

• Nowadays news and video going viral about army personal management and quality of grievance handling
• If moral level of the soldier being down then it’s not good status for the national security and welfare of the country

Following are the step that govt. can take:
1. Better grievance handling platform
2. Emotional binding with army personal
3. Better quality services and automatic funding management
4. Army personal problem solution should be done with cooperation
5. Minimal discretion between armed and para military forces

🔘 Ganga river boat accident

• On the celebration of Makar Sankranti accident on ganga river boat proves two thing our transportation facility is not capable and administration have no concern about public safety
• This all done due to government failure and lack of responsibility so first we have to bring reform in it. Then we should think about inland waterway
Following are the problem of inland water way transport:
1. River basin not good silt accumulation
2. No use of technology
3. No trained boat operator
4. Non implementation of the government safety measure
5. Lack of record that also prove in Mumbai attack 26/11
6. Not basic construction
7. No insurance scheme or compensation for dead person then political speeches done

🔘 E-cigarettes is injurious to health

• Technology has changed every aspect of our life like traditional smoker are in decreasing when trend of electronic nicotine delivery system [ENDS] are on rise.
• E-cigarettes consider as option to quite tobacco but now it’s not clear because lack of the clear evidences.
• This system contains nicotine not tobacco so do not come under tobacco product regulation act.
• Thus no dangerous mark shown o product that attracting more smoker toward this system.
• Now what should government do:
1. Regulate this product with laws
2. Proper guidelines to seller
3. Consumer education
4. People education to decrease smoker

🔘 Merger of the firm new rule by SEBI

• Merger means two unit combine to take economic benefit and create one unit.
• This is biggest problem in India to take out from business as chakravyuha challenges stated by the economic survey.
• SEBI has tightened rules regarding merger of the firm because of many unlisted firms merger to take tax benefit.
These rules are as follows:
1. Not more than 25% share merger.
2. Merger of unlisted company should be done only with listed company [ listed company means company which shares listed in nationwide share exchange terminal]
3. If stock of shareholder decreases more than 5% than there should be e-voting mandatory.
4. Also reduce broker fees [ broker means person take guarantee to sell company share ]
5. Mutual fund cannot invest more than 5% percent in one REIT unit,

🔘 Center for monitoring Indian economy forecasting growth at 6%

• CMIE has come with lower growth rate forecasting because of trust deficit among people.
• This trust deficit is regarding sustainability of the currency note and inspection by the government.
• So this take time and great effort to fill this deficit.
• Decline of the 86 % of the currency led to high deteriorating effect on people consumption.

🔘 Micro credit and demonetisation

• Micro credit include credit given to farmer or SHG in small amount that affected more due to demonetisation
• Credit unit now have to work with only digital form
• Rural area that is biggest micro credit seeker
• Rural area have no banking penetration
• No financial literacy

🔘Employment and budget

• Good monsoon + high growth + low inflation + controlled CAD

What India want??
• No India want sustainable and inclusive growth in which everyone have opportunity and capability to grab this opportunity.
• Investment should be done in infrastructure that promote employment and new start-up due to ease of the doing business.
• Tourism, IT, health care, food processing, textile are the growing sector of the economy.
• Portion of the MNREGS should be given to the skill development.

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