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No, no, no: SC on instant triple talaq

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Supreme Court verdict Struck down the controversial Islamic practice of instant talaq.

  • Talaq is arbitrary and whimsical mode of ending marriage violated Muslim women’s fundamental right to equality.
  • Talaq should be erased from the 1,400-year-old Sharia-dictated divorce manual.
  • The verdict was delivered by a 3:2 majority.
  • All the five judges agreed on the broad issue of the undesirability of instant talaq, or divorcepronounced in one sitting simply by uttering talaq thrice.

No Koranic injunction

The Chief Justice had reasoned that instant talaq cannot be invalidated just because the Koran does not expressly provide for or approve of it. Talaq-e-biddat , though bad in theology, was considered good in law, he held. To this, Justice Kurian countered that “Islam cannot be anti-Koran… An attempt for reconciliation and if it succeeds, then revocation are the Koranic essential steps before talaq attains finality.

What next?

  • As soon as the home ministry issues an advisory, state governments are likely to sensitise the police and other authorities on the triple talaq issue on how to deal with a Muslim woman’s complaint in case there is a violation.
  • The cops can book the violator under domestic violence charges for now, until a proper law is brought by the government in Parliament.

Follow NEET for medical admission, SC tells Tamil Nadu

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Supreme Court directive to T.N

  • Complete the counselling process for medical admissions in the State on the basis of the NEET merit list by September 4.
  • Previously, T.N state government had passed an ordinance freezing the implementation of NEET in the State for this year.
  • Centre rejected the ordinance: on the ground that it would give one particular State undue advantage over the others.


Tamil Nadu Health Minister C Vijayabaskar  announced in the Assembly that 85 per cent of medical seats under the state quota would be earmarked for students who had pursued higher secondary education under the state board and the admission would be based on their NEET marks.

He said a government order was issued on June 22 apportioning 85 per cent to state board students and the rest 15 per cent to CBSE (and similar boards such as ICSE).

On May 20, after the Madras High Court sought the stand of Union health secretary, among others, on a plea for cancellation of the NEET 2017 for admissions to MBBS and BDS courses, former Tamil Nadu chief minister O. Panneerselvam on Saturday demanded 50 percent reservation quota to students who will be appearing for NEET this year.

Salary hike for college, varsity teachers

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About eight to nine lakh teachers in higher educational institutions are set to get a salary hike, with the Centre ready to take the proposal to the Cabinet.


  • Hike salary of teachers in higher educational institutions.
  • Benefit to about eight to nine lakh teachers in higher educational institutions.
  • The hike would range from 20-25%.
  • The lower level — that of assistant professors — is expected to get a hike of 20%, which will go up at the levels of associate professor and professor.
  • The revision will benefit employees of the central universities, State universities and government-funded technical universities.

VS Chauhan Committee

  • The UGC had set up the pay committee under VS Chauhan.
  • It had recommended that these be at par with the salaries offered to the government employees by the Seventh Pay Commission.

Trump offers India a role in Afghanistan

New U.S. strategy for South Asia

  • unveiled by President Donald Trump
  • S. commits troops in Afghanistan for an open-ended period of time.
  • Policy sets stage for a new wave of U.S. offensive against Islamist forces in Afghanistan and Pakistan.

Describing India as “a key security and economic partner of the United States,” the President said America would further “develop its strategic partnership with India

India’s role

  • Trump urged India to play a larger role in providing economic and development assistance to the war-torn Afghanistan.
  • Put forward a proposal for India playing a bigger role in the war-torn country to its trade surplus with the United States.


  • America would no longer tolerate Pakistan’s policy of harbouring terrorists.
  • India is the ninth biggest trading partner of the U.S. and India had a trade surplus of around $26 billion with the U.S. in goods trade alone last year.

India to raise visa issue in trade policy meet

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  • The Centre will raise Indian industry’s concerns over the U.S. visa ‘curbs’, during the India-U.S. Trade Policy Forum (TPF) meeting likely in October
  • TFP is the premier forum to resolve bilateral trade and investment issues between India and the US.
  • New Delhi would take up the ‘non-tariff barriers’ by the U.S. that are hurting Indian agriculture, pharmaceuticals and other industrial exports.

Topics of discussion during TFP

  •  The U.S. is expected raise its worries over India’s ‘restrictions’ on e-commerce
  • And the ‘challenges’ faced by American innovative industries due to India’s ‘weak’ Intellectual Property Rights regime
  • Indian government is likely to raise the issue of the ‘non-tariff barriers’ by the U.S. that are hurting Indian agriculture, pharmaceuticals and other industrial exports


 ‘Uranium sale talks at advanced stage’

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Australian official rejects reports of delay, and says move won’t slow down coal exports

  • Discussions are at a ‘well-advanced’ stage for Australia’s uranium sale to India, to fuel nuclear power plants in the energy-starved developing nation.
  • Coal exports will not slow down any time soon from Australia for use in India’s thermal power stations.

‘Coal, largest in exports’

Australia has much to offer with regard to coal, uranium and potentially clean energy solutions… [However] historically, our largest exports to India has been coal, and we see that continuing for some time,” said the senior official.

Australia produces 60% of the world’s mining computer software that helps in improving the sector’s productivity, and in ensuring workers’ safety.

 N. Bhupathi, a frog with the face of a pig

In newsImage result for Bhupathi frog

Indian scientists have discovered a new species of frog that has a snout-shaped nose, just like a pig’s, evoking comparisons with the Purple frog that took the world by storm when it was first discovered in 2003.

The new species is morphologically, acoustically and genetically distinct from N. sahyadrensis. Computed tomography
scans of both species revealed diagnostic osteological differences, particularly in the vertebral column. Male advertisement call analysis also showed the two species to be distinct

Who discovered the new species

The soiled-dwelling species, discovered by scientists from the Centre for Cellular and Molecular Biology (CCMB) in Hyderabad, has been named after the Indian herpetologist S. Bhupathy,

Other species found

Apart from N.bhupathi, Alytes also describes the discovery of two new frog species from north-eastern India:Xenophrys sanu, a resident of the Darjeeling hills in West Bengal, and Xenophrys katabhako, found in West Bengal and Sikkim

Huge haul of painting brushes made of mongoose hair

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Image result for NITI Mongoose hair

Mangoose hair used to make brush

In what is believed to be one of the largest seizures of its kind in the country, officials of the Wildlife Crime Control Bureau (WCCB) and West Bengal Forest Department have seized 32,985 mongoose-hair painting brushes from Kolkata’s Burrabazar area.

Four shopkeepers selling these brushes in wholesale market of Old China Bazar were arrested in a joint operation late on Monday.

“The seizure was so huge that it took a dozen people several hours to count the number of brushes seized,” an official said.

Protected species

“Mongoose is a protected species under Schedule II and part II of the Wildlife Protection Act,1972 and any trade of its body parts involves similar punishment as is laid down for tigers and rhinoceros. Those convicted face a minimum three years in jail,”

Several hundreds of animals must have been killed to make these brushes, according to Om Prakash, Deputy Conservator of Forest (Wildlife), West Bengal. “We had got the information about a month ago about mongoose-hair brushes being sold in the city.

Inter-State network

Over the past few years about a dozen of people have been arrested for making brushes out of mongoose hair. In certain cases, the supply was from other States,” one of the investigators said.

Experts pointed out that artists preferred brushes made of mongoose hair over synthetic brushes.


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